Varioptic and Linos Sign Distribution agreement

Göttingen (Germany) and Lyon (France), 14 May 2007 – Linos AG, a global manufacturer of sophisticated optical systems, and Varioptic SA, the liquid lens company, announced today the signature of a distribution agreement for their autofocus liquid lens solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Linos will be the distributor of Varioptic’s Arctic liquid lenses and lens modules in Germany, and in the rest of the world through its subsidiaries, mainly in France, the United Kingdom and the USA. It will also provide training and support to customers.

Varioptic’s variable focus solutions (ARCTIC 320 and ARCTIC 416 liquid lenses, the AFL872 lens module and the AFCM MI285 camera module) are already integrated in several applications using variable focus such as consumer devices (video & smart phones, web cams, PDAs, DSCs…) and industrial devices (barcode readers, biometry readers, endoscopes, diagnostic instruments to automotive applications).

Linos and Varioptic also propose eight developer’s kits aimed at supporting customers in all stages of product developments, from a simple evaluation to product integration and prototype development. “We are pleased to be entering into this agreement with Varioptic, a leading innovator in autofocus solutions,” said Volker Brockmeyer, CEO LINOS AG. “Varioptic’s solutions provide new business opportunities for Linos and our customers”.

“We believe our agreement with Linos positions us well for meeting the current needs for innovative autofocus solutions in the Optical industry,” said Etienne Paillard, CEO of Varioptic. “Linos unique position in the European optical market gives us an ideal opportunity to establish Varioptic autofocus products as the quality solutions for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.’’


Linos AG is a manufacturer of sophisticated optical systems that operates all over the world. In line with the corporate principle “Photonics for Innovation”, LINOS is a development partner and supplier for customers in such growth markets as lasers, optical metrology, medicine, biotechnology and semiconductors. The company was established as a management buy-out in 1996, has acquired and integrated various photonics companies – most recently Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik in Munich – since then and is listed in the General Standard index at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

LINOS AG focuses on the three strategic business divisions Information Technology & Communications, Health Care & Life Sciences and Industrial Manufacturing. 750 highliy qualified staff work for LINOS AG in the Group, which produces at three locations in Germany as well as at a plant in Poland. LINOS has sales companies of its own in the USA, Great Britain and France, which are important export countries.

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