Vaion and Jazz Networks Join Forces as Ava to Address Threat of Hybrid Physical and Cybersecurity Breaches Head-on


“Our vision is for organizations to take an integrated approach to physical and cybersecurity. When it comes to security gaps, attackers don’t discriminate, and the consequences are costly,” said Tormod Ree, CEO of Ava. “Yet security professionals aren’t able to see and investigate patterns across both physical and information assets because the data is overwhelming, tools are too complex, and security structures are compartmentalized.”

Attackers are exploiting weaknesses in physical security systems to bypass network protections and manually dismantle cybersecurity or digital controls. Despite the availability of data, operators don’t have the insights needed to act.

Ava is now the only provider, under one roof, to give organizations full visibility into potential multi-faceted attacks. Ava’s machine learning-powered cyber and video solutions are easy to use, and give security professionals access to quality, timely data that can be shared across the security organization for actionable insight.

Envisioning A Converged, Proactive Security Future

Initially, the combined company will continue to offer cyber and video solutions allowing for separate analysis of data from all users, cameras, and servers. The human-centric cyber solution (formerly by Jazz Networks) will continue to employ a powerful combination of policy and machine learning sensors to prevent IP theft and sabotage, improve cyber hygiene, and accelerate threat hunting. 

The end-to-end video solution (formerly by Vaion) will continue to provide proactive, video security, and insight. The offering includes integrated video and audio analytics powered by machine learning algorithms, intuitive installation processes, and a range of smart cameras.

“By identifying both cyber and physical security threats before they become incidents, organizations can take a more proactive security posture,” said Ree. 

Over time, cross-domain security solutions will allow for even deeper data visibility. Ultimately, Ava will offer fully converged solutions to support organizations as they move toward joint cyber/physical security operations. Converged offerings could include features such as a unified interface and common data storage and analytics engines.

“We believe Ava is uniquely positioned to address this growing security challenge,” said Fredrik Halvorsen of Ubon Partners. “Plus, new hybrid security gaps are emerging as a result of suddenly shuttered buildings and 100% remote workforces due to COVID 19. This is an important time to re-think security.”

Today’s Solutions: Cyber + Video Security

Jazz Networks protects organizations from cybersecurity risks within. Vaion has been changing the traditional video security landscape with computer vision capabilities that make it easier for businesses and organizations to monitor their physical assets proactively. In both cases, organizations can detect threats in their earliest stages and perform fast, effective investigations with fewer resources.

Under Ava, real-time insights from the cyber insider threat detection tools or intelligent video security solutions will enable security professionals to discover patterns across their entire security ecosystem, regardless of whether the anomaly is physical or digital. Identifying the patterns provides heightened visibility into the potential for threats, breaches, or policy violations.

“Our customers are constantly asking how to best protect their infrastructure,” added Espen Riska, Director at Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions. “As a current partner to both Jazz Networks and Vaion, we have already been beating the drum about how a unified approach will benefit every customer.”

About Ava

Ava’s vision as a unified security provider is to help organizations monitor, understand, and act on threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. The company offers best-in-class insider threat detection cybersecurity solutions and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data. Security professionals leverage embedded machine learning to help recognize and investigate patterns, accurately see the whole threat picture, and respond quickly. 

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