US Housing Consultants Names Dan Biron Executive Vice President of Inspection Services

Dan Biron is US Housing Consultants’ new Executive Vice President of Inspection Services.

“Dan has been an integral part of the inspection team for over 17 years and has become a recognized leader in the industry on REAC protocol, both UPCS and the new NSPIRE standards,” says US Housing Consultants’ Chief Executive Officer Jim Campanella.

“In his new role,” Campanella concludes, “Dan will work with the inspection services team to lead the industry in guiding our clients to ensure compliance of NSPIRE standards.”

With the recent rollout of NSPIRE, the affordable housing industry is faced with new challenges and the need for leadership is great. NSPIRE’s new physical inspection requirements are a new way of thinking that everyone from executives to property managers, professional inspectors, and maintenance professionals need to understand. Those accustomed to conducting HQS and UPCS Inspections must understand the step-by-step requirements of what makes something a deficiency.

These new challenges are far from insurmountable, and US Housing Consultants believes that Biron’s leadership and expertise will help our company and our clients work together through this period of relative uncertainty.

“I am excited to take on the challenge of leading our Inspection Services department,” Biron says, “and look forward to serving our team and clients. During my time with US Housing Consultants, I have had the pleasure of working with countless passionate people who share the mission to improve the quality of affordable housing in this country.”


US Housing Consultants offers several NSPIRE-related services, from pre-REAC inspections to online or hands-on training.