Uptime curated videos launched today


The Uptime app features curated video playlists from globally recognised specialists, its unique technology keeps users relevant with its expert content. Its unique Spark feature allows easy highlighting and saving of video moments that capture a user’s curiosity all i one place. Learning content on Uptime is organised intelligently by machine learning and human curators, making it easy to discover a unique path to building a stronger self, better relationships, greater success and a better world. Uptime’s whole ethos, content and product design is centred around humane, personalised tech. 

Uptime is entering the $5 trillion global learning market, of which only 2% is digitised – launching into 51 territories is the first step to scaling the product for a worldwide audience. Founders Jack Bekhor, Jamie True and Patrick Walker hope to create a valuable brand that answers a mass market need for quick, actionable expert knowledge to build a more sustainable, successful life.

Uptime’s Earth Day launch includes exclusive content from physicist Professor Brian Cox, chef and environmentalist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, astronauts Anousheh Ansari and Ron Garan, DJ and environmental activist Blond:ish, philanthropist and author Lynne Twist, futurist and philosopher Jason Silva, and many more. 

About the Founders

Jamie True and Jack Bekhor are serial entrepreneurs and their last venture LifeWorks was a global leader in wellbeing. Patrick Walker was a senior executive at Facebook and YouTube, served as CEO of Rightster and was a foreign news journalist with the BBC in Asia. He has an M.Ed from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is passionate about accessible education for all, and the humane, ethical use of technology.

Uptime is available on iOS for iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store from 22 April 2020.


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