The upside of hacking with EU Space data



As you read this, several of Europe’s satellites are orbiting Earth collecting immense amounts of data and providing positioning signals that can be leveraged to improve life on Earth. CASSINI is looking for the next generation of hackers to create innovative products and services using these EU Space technologies.


Kicking-off this year, the CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring is a bold initiative to connect hackers to space by using Copernicus data & services and Galileo and EGNOS signals & data. The European Commission launched the Competitive Space Start-ups for Innovation Initiative (CASSINI) to put Europe on the frontier of digital technologies — and you can be a part of it!


The 1st CASSINI Hackathon will be held simultaneously in 10 European countries from 18-20 June. The goal of the hackathon is ‘Digitising Green Spaces’ and three challenges await potential space hackers to achieve this: #1 Discover your city / #2 Staying fit & healthy / #3 Protecting our rural areas.


In Greece, the hackathon will be organised by Corallia, an incubator with a vision to develop an environment to allow innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. The focus will be on exploring and integrating green spaces in cities and the monitoring and protection of forests. As a bonus, the top 3 teams will receive a 4-day long intensive bootcamp from experts in the field as well as 5000 EUR to share between them. Find out more about CASSINI Hackathons at!


Whether you are an experienced hacker or a first timer looking to enter the space industry, Corallia will team you up with fellow hackers and experienced mentors to bring your vision to life.


The 3 overall winners will receive over 100 hours of expert mentoring and additional local prizes! Thinking about registering? Head over to now to sign up!




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