UPCO works with Snoop Consulting to improve the new UPCO APP



Andrea Pagani, UPCO International CEO, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Snoop Consulting.  Our goal is to design the most powerful platform in the market and part of that strategy involves improving the quality of user interactions with our product. Snoop Consulting is helping us realize this goal.”


Gustavo Guaragna, Snoop Consulting CEO, noted: “We are very pleased to have an opportunity to work with UPCO on the lean inception for the customer experience improvements of this unified communications and payments solution.  Our focus, in collaboration with UPCO, is to make the application more attractive and useful for the market.”


The alliance of UPCO and Snoop Consulting will result in an optimized version of the application that reflects an improved understanding the user’s needs, desires, and expectations. Once completed, it is anticipated that this new app will be deployed throughout Europe.


Snoop has very substantial relevant experience in the telecommunications market and, more specifically, with payment and e-commerce platforms, having developed digital wallets for Fintech companies.


With this partnership, UPCO reaffirms its commitment to the development of a new app that will help people communicate more effectively, and facilitate faster, more secure payments.


The company is also focused on the telecommunications business, reinforcing alliances with local telecom licensed operators and partners to penetrate the retail market. This work is being undertaken to achieve growth in the wholesale sector.


About Snoop


Snoop Consulting is a software service company, which delivers innovative products focused on business transformation. Through its in-depth knowledge of technological services, it can address customer priorities such as operational efficiency, development, and digital transformation.


Snoop has worked with other companies such as DIRECTV, Zurich Insurance, City Bank and Bayer. It also has partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft and Huawei. Its CEO, Gustavo Guaragna, has been invited to participate as a speaker and outline his technical and business vision of the IT industry in India, Poland, and Latin America.


About UPCO


UPCO International Inc. is a cloud-based mobile service company which provides high-quality voice termination to a market driven by the growing activity in online communications and commerce. UPCO is a licensed Global Telecom Carrier within the international VoIP (voice over IP) wholesale business.


UPCO has designed a software application for Apple iOS and Android, similar to SKYPE and WhatsApp, and with the pending addition of the UPCO e-Wallet.


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Andrea Pagani
UPCO International
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