UK’s biggest fast food addict offered a £40,000 salary* to swap to plant-based ready meals this Veganuary as almost a third of Brits say convenience is a barrier to choosing vegan


A vegan meal brand is looking for the UK’s biggest fast food addict this Veganuary in a bid to demonstrate that even the most die-hard junk “foodie” can make a switch to more nutritious dishes that are just as convenient and budget friendly.


The company behind the role, Soulful Food, posted the job ad on its website this week in a bid to provide a real-life account of quick & easy plant-based diets and encourage more Brits to choose vegan in 2022. The fast food industry in the UK is predicted to have grown 9% in 2021 despite increasing focus on healthy eating**. Alongside this, Soulful recently conducted a survey which showed over a third of people are regularly choosing vegan options but that convenience is the #2 barrier to choosing vegan (behind taste). With Soulful’s OnePots being ready in only 4 mins and with an RRP of £2.50, they are on a mission to show you can eat ‘fast food’ without compromising on nutrition, taste or price.


The Fast Food Consultant role will involve the candidate swapping typical fast food meals for Soulful’s range of quick & easy meals, documenting the lifestyle swap on a blog and via social media to to encourage others to try making the move to plant-based convenient options. The successful applicant will be contracted to not consume any fast food during the three-month period, but they will receive an unlimited supply of vegan ready meals and will have the optional help of a registered nutritionist and chef in order to help them adjust to the change.


At the end of the three month period and as a test to see if they have been converted, the Fast Food Consultant will be given the option to sign a contract committing them to a vegan fast food alternative diet for the rest of 2022. If proven, their reward for this commitment will be a complementary lifetime supply of Soulful Food meals, worth £40,000***.


Fast food loving Brits interested in applying to the job role can do so here.


The company will be selecting the successful candidate from January 29th, with hopes of starting the role beginning February. Applicants must be aged 18 or more years old and are required to give an example of their current fast-food-heavy diet as part of the application, as well as why they’re right for the role.


The Fast Food Consultant will document their experience on Soulful Food’s social channels and website.


Iain Burke-Hamilton, founder of Soulful Food, said:


“There’s a misconception that vegan food can take hours to prepare, be expensive, and even then that the result is less than satisfactory – bland and boring. As we head into Veganuary we want to show that wanting something there and then doesn’t mean having to compromise on health and heading to the nearest drive thru. Eating vegan can be quick, easy, delicious and low cost, so we’re confident even the UK’s biggest fast food lover will enjoy the switch!


“We’re incredibly excited to hire our first Fast Food Consultant and to watch them share their journey with people that typically choose fast food. We believe they will be the perfect spokesperson to demonstrate that choosing something for speed, ease and cost doesn’t mean compromising on health. We all lead busy lifestyles and Soulful understands that, which is why our food is ready in minutes but still packed with nutritious and tasty ingredients”






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*£40,000 salary based on pro-rated payment of £10,000 for three months




***Estimation based on a 35 year old enjoying one RRP £2.50 meal a day until they are 80 years old.