Uganda NGO makes urgent appeal for partners

HARD RELIEF is a charity NGO and non-profit-making humanitarian organisation set up for the alleviation of poverty and sickness through the provision of education, medical facilities, relief, clean water and training programs for Northern Uganda.

Formed in 2005 and registered with the Government of the Republic of Uganda (No. L/05/05/1001) as a Non-Governmental Community Based Organization (NGO, CBO) with offices located in Lira, Northern Uganda, the organisation is tackling the region’s complex emergency situation by serving internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees in Lira and the surrounding districts affected by armed conflict.

Awio says for his organisation to grow and accomplish its goals, “there is a need for partnership and financial support to back its activities and locally-led initiatives that strengthen families and communities, helping them to overcome poverty and protect the rights of children and women.”

HARD RELIEF is currently working with All Nations Christian Care Uganda (ANCC) who support them in their activities.

“HARD RELIEF shall be grateful to partner with any organisation for the noble work of reaching and impacting the communities with the transformational programmes and activities brought by 20 years of armed conflict in Northern Uganda where over 80 per cent of the ethnic tribes have returned,” Awio adds.

Living conditions in the the resettlement Villages are generally bad. The populations have limited access to food and there is not enough access to safe water. Sanitation facilities are insufficient.

People don’t have property to live in or common necessities like shelters, medical care, education, clothes, and house utensils.

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For further details Awio can be reached at the address:

Help Africa Relief and Development-Uganda (HARD RELIEF)
P.O Box 407 Lira – Uganda (East Africa)
Tel: + 256 – 775 – 711 822
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]