UBEO Acquires Digitech Office Machines, its second location in Louisiana



UBEO Business Services (UBEO), one of the fastest-growing business technology and managed services companies in the United States, has acquired Digitech Office Machines in Lafayette, Louisiana.  


Digitech Office Machines has been serving Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding communities since 1979. Prior to 1998, Digitech was branded as CopyData. Digitech has been aggressively focused on serving the local business community as well as many charitable organizations. 


“For a long time, we have known we needed to expand our core business for both our customers and our employees, but we had not yet found the right organization to help us do that,” commented Rick Tomlin, President of Digitech Office Machines. “UBEO is the right organization for our customers and our employees. They understand our culture and so far, this process has been seamless. We are extremely excited to bring an expanded array of offerings to our customers and to provide more opportunities for our team to grow within the UBEO organization.”  


“We are grateful to have another first-class company in Louisiana join us and help drive the UBEO mission,” said Jim Sheffield, CEO of UBEO, LLC. “Digitech’s core values are virtually the same as UBEO’s which made them an easy fit for us. I will say every team member we have met so far has been exceptional and we are proud to welcome them into our family.”  


Digitech Office Machines is the largest company UBEO has acquired in Louisiana to date.  


About UBEO Business Services  


Co-headquartered in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, UBEO is now the fastest-growing business technology organization in the country. In 2018, UBEO, LLC exceeded over 3x in annual revenue growth. While the organization is rapidly growing, its commitment to excellence is paramount. UBEO Business Services with its best-of-breed offering remains committed to being the “high-end customer experience” in the industry. UBEO’s success is attributable to its commitment to acquire best-in-class companies and build a premier brand in the Document Technology industry. 


For more information, please visit www.ubeo.com


About Digitech Office Machines  


Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, Digitech Office Machines has been in operation since [1990]. Digitech helped its customers navigate the ever-changing landscape of business technology. Key leaders are Rick Tomlin, President of Digitech, Dwayne Cormier, General Manager, Natalie Miguez, Sales Manager, and Richard Feist, Service Manager. Digitech has enjoyed continued growth over its lifetime.


To learn more about Digitech Office Systems, visit their website at  https://digitechoffice.net