Transparency-One works with leading brands to connect supply chain transparency with consumer insights

Bringing together consumers and supply chain data

Consumers want to know more about the products they buy and are demanding more information from brands. In response, brands have increased their investments in supply chain transparency initiatives.

“We’re seeing a trend emerge where brands want to interact directly with consumers on a deeper level about their supply chains,” said Chris Morrison, Chief Executive Officer. “Consumers seek ways to easily identify safe, healthy products that also align with their values, and brands possess the data to help them do that. It’s a matter of tying the two together, beginning with reliable, source to store supply chain information.”

Transparency-One is proud to work with leading brands to help transform supply chain transparency into meaningful shopper insights. Data along the entire value chain for any product category is validated within the Transparency-One platform, then shared directly via consumer applications—thereby providing shoppers with accurate information on issues integral to their purchasing decisions: product safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Expanded consumer products category coverage

Transparency-One has expanded beyond food, apparel, and footwear, and now covers all General Merchandising needs, including:

  • Household and Personal Care (HPC)
  • Sporting Goods
  • Consumer Electronics

To ensure full coverage, compliance and certifications have been updated accordingly to match these product categories. In addition, GS1 categories for these industries are also included in the platform, enabling category standardization among all supply chain stakeholders and across multiple languages.

Automated supply chain mapping and supplier verification

Companies often have numerous sources of supply chain information—specifically around mapping supply chains. Whether in Excel or other legacy systems, Transparency-One can take ad hoc sources of supply chain data and automate building a supply chain network. Once created, brands can mass invite suppliers to verify or edit their information.

Transparency-One to speak at this week’s Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC)

Transparency-One is proud to sponsor the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference, hosted by the Consumer Goods Forum, February 27 – March 2 in Houston, Texas.

“We fully support the GFSI and are committed to their mission to provide consumers with safe, healthy, and sustainable food through effective business collaboration,” Morrison said. “The Global Food Safety Conference is the ideal opportunity to show brands the full potential of what can be achieved through source to store supply chain transparency.”

Chris Morrison will speak at the SGS Breakfast Session at the Global Food Safety Conference this Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 8:30 AM.

About Transparency-One
Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze, and monitor all suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain. Transparency-One combines cutting-edge graph database technology, supply chain expertise, and global supplier onboarding services to help all supply chain stakeholders reduce business risk. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Paris, France.

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