Top 1,000 Croatian hi-tech companies by revenue from exports


Leading the list is Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d., which by its activity in the category of the production of communications equipment, is at the same time the company with the largest share of the workforce in the entire group of companies on this list.


In 2019, hi-tech companies are among the top ten on the list by their revenue from exports with a relevant growth compared to 2018. These are Infobip d.o.o. with a growth of 54.6%, Carel Adriatic d.o.o. with 26.35%, Span d.o.o. with 19.26%, Nanobit d.o.o. with 43.04%, Danieli sistec d.o.o. with 4.9% and A1 d.o.o. with 7.12%.


Infobip d.o.o is listed in the top 50 of the most up-and-coming business IT solutions, as published by the popular tech magazine VIDI and the business tech portal IT BIZ


The 50UP! award for the most perspective business tech solutions 2019/2010 was assigned to 50 tech companies for their most innovative and perspective business solutions.


Some of the recipients of the 50UP! award, such as Microblink d.o.o., Infobip d.o.o., Testdome d.o.o., Agrivi d.o.o., Media Toolkit d.o.o., DefenseCode d.o.o. and HR Pro d.o.o. have even been registering a relevant increase in exports, which is clear proof of the quality of their awarded business solutions.


Also, the following companies whose business solutions are awarded by 50UP!, need to be highlighted: Rinels d.o.o., Cloudonia d.o.o., Datalab HR d.o.o., Špica sustavi d.o.o., HR Pro d.o.o., Windy Range Software d.o.o. and ORKA d.o.o.


Rimac automobili d.o.o. with a growth of revenue from exports of 170.85% and Altpro d.o.o. with the rise of revenue from exports of 91.58%, are examples of companies not primarily oriented to ICT, but of those that offer their own innovative technologies to the world market and therein make the largest part of their income from the exports.


You can follow a more detailed description of the activities of major Croatian tech companies via the VIDI tech media company information service:, through public articles and more specified presentations of their activities and products.


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