Toco announces opening of new publishing division




ToCo Music (a.k.a. ToCo International/ToCo Licensing N.V.) has been a big independent player in the music industry for over 30 years, representing the releases of a host of major artists and big hits.



After the consolidation of the European and Australian companies with ToCo Asia in 2019 ToCo Music is now representing the global market from one office headquartered in Thailand.



After the merger of the three companies back in to one it was a natural step that ToCo Music opened up its own new Publishing division.



ToCo Music publishing has primarily been established to represent the songs of the new artists signing with ToCo Music.



ToCo Music publishing operates in conjunction with Supreme Songs from the UK. They are the ideal partner and, like ToCo, have been in the business for over 30 years.



Combining the best of both worlds ToCo Music will be able to further enhance the presence of their artists, and exploit the full potential of the songs released by ToCo to an absolute maximum.



The first song to be signed into agreement with ToCo Music publishing is a composition by UK industry stalwarts Rob Davis and Nick Halkes. ToCo Music represents Rob’s 50%, and the song is to appear on Heather Small’s new album scheduled for release in 2021.



Ellis Rich – CEO Supreme Songs commented: 



“Supreme Songs already celebrating its 35th year as an independent music publisher, is delighted to announce its global long term administration deal with Toco Music, a division of ToCo Asia Ltd. A fresh look at the world of music and a great start with the first acquisition by ToCo Music being Rob Davis and his share of “Day By Day” co-written with fellow music industry icon Nick Halkes and to be recorded by a third – Heather Small!”



Andy Bailey – Supreme Songs A&R Director commented: 



“Over a period of months, we chatted long distance with Carl and his team at ToCo Music and concluded even in these difficult times a synergy between the companies could be locked in, thereafter doing this deal become the easiest conclusion. Having Grammy winning songwriter Rob (Davis) on board with ToCo Music as first signing to this long-term deal is just the boost we all needed to kick off 2021! A special thanks is due to Mark Lusty who had the foresight to bring both sides to the table.”



Carl Parker – MD of ToCo Asia commented:



“We are excited by the prospect of being able to support and develop our artists in even more ways than before, by securing them additional exposure to larger networks. Songwriters are a valuable asset, and their creations can have staying power and reappear in many different formats. So, in this digital age we feel it’s time we joined them for the full ride, and became a one-stop shop for upcoming artists. Opening ToCo Music Publishing will allow us to focus our expertise on the release of each track, fully supported by Supreme Songs, whose expertise will generate that extra attention enabling us to turn even more great tracks into even more successful tracks.”



For more news and details please contact Carl Parker: [email protected]