A Timely Message to Heads of State and Finance Ministers from the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace

The RAAM Europe was issued in 2006 under the Unified Prospectus Directive of the European Union to circulate side by side with the Euro as an example to developing countries of how the Global Development Currency of the Global Country of World Peace could be used by them to unlock all the wealth latent in their natural resources and come out of poverty. The present crisis in the global economy brings into sharp focus the usefulness of the Global Development Currency to restore balance, growth and prosperity in the world economy. Dr. Feldman is the Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Dr. Feldman’s Message: “The leaders of economy worldwide can take recourse to the Global Country of World Peace to ensure that affluence and fulfillment is a permanent feature of life everywhere and that the world economy is not dominated by cycles of greed and fear, which cause tremendous heart palpitations for the wealthy, and even more hardship for the poor. “Today the global economy is undergoing a deep transformation. The developing countries or emerging markets like India, China, Brazil and others are still susceptible to the fluctuations originating in the wealthier economies, but it is truly the natural resources and the exports from the smaller economies, as well as their populations growing and expanding their own internal markets, that have been the pillar on which the world economy has been fending off a global recession in recent years. “This brings into sharp focus the latent wealth available within each country. There’s a fresh perspective on gold, on energy, on food, on the actual wealth of the world; and a fresh and more realistic perspective also on the representation of wealth that people have assigned to the dollar, to the euro, to the yen and so on for a very long time. “Who would have thought a few years ago when the Global Development Currency of the Global Country of World Peace, the Raam, was approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands to circulate as a currency side by side with the euro, that so quickly the world economy could come closer to recognizing that a currency that represents organic, healthy food, that represents the land, the water, the sunshine and the people that can grow the produce anywhere in the world, is what is needed to provide a better and real foundation for a new world order of affluence and peace. “Who would have thought that the currencies held still in reserve by most developing nations today, like the dollar and the euro would lose value and elicit a need to question their dominant role. There is even serious conversation in Europe that without involving the strength of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian economies it may not be possible to bolster the euro. “What a reversal of fortune. However, this process is still in the making. Somehow the poorer countries are still holding on to the comfort of having the dollar, the euro, etc. in their foreign reserves, which can make them poorer–and therefore wouldn’t help the world economy, nor themselves. They must stop this dependence and take the step needed to consolidate a solid foundation for the future by creating wealth in their nations from within. That will create balance in the world economy. They need to embrace a new Global Development Currency–we called it the Raam. “The printing of dollars or “quantitative easing” in the USA over the last few years has not created real wealth. It’s mainly patched up the problems of using or abusing whatever assets are already there. The attention within the countries generating the dollar and the euro and the pound sterling and the yen is naturally drawn by its aging population to the redistribution of assets like health care, and also to diffusing the impact of losses created by excessive greed, or we can say excessive leverage of limited wealth. “These liabilities are being absorbed in large part by the governments of these larger nations or regions without creating fresh wealth. That is why those economies are being devalued, they are losing grades in the eyes of the rest of the world. “It would be ironic and unconscionable if the larger economies through their failed banking systems would continue to discourage or disallow poorer countries to use a currency for development to create their own much needed new wealth. That has happened in the past. The banks of the countries that issue the dollar and the euro, etc. won’t lend to a country to buy oil or whatever they need from abroad unless the International Monetary Fund can verify that those smaller economies have not issued more currency than desirable by the larger economies. This policy was driven by an effort to keep the leading currencies strong. But the policy itself has lost currency. “It would be counter-productive and behind the times and misguided for emerging economies to continue to rely exclusively on the dollar or the euro, whose true economic base is not expanding, as money to represent it is printed or only moved around to capitalize the banks. Take advice from the Ministry of Finance of the Global Country of World Peace to use a true development currency as a catalyst for production. “The old system of currencies has been cruel to the poor, but we don’t bemoan the past. Whatever knowledge was there in the past, that is the world we have lived in. But in a world where half the population is poor there can’t be peace for anyone. This is the time for the world family to come together and applaud the enlightened policy of the Global Country of World Peace for global development. “Any country that wants to come out of poverty must recognize the need to stand on its own for its financial well being, to welcome the liberal and parental policies of the Global Country of World Peace to develop its latent natural resources. I would advise those countries to make their currency reserves exchangeable for a development currency, the Raam. Use the Raam to pay the tractor manufacturers and other suppliers of the machinery and equipment and inputs needed from abroad to start farming your unutilised lands with agricultural potential and jump start your production; and you should also have the Raam circulating side by side with your own currency–to pay the farmers and the local builders of roads and houses. “There are enough countries in the world that by converting their shaky dollars and euros into tractors and allowing the Raam to pay for the local component of their production, could effectively and practically develop millions of hectares of unused land with agricultural potential, come out of poverty and establish a self-reliant economy in their countries while giving a boost to the world economy. “Once the agricultural commodities are produced and exported you can go ahead and exchange the circulating Raam for your local currency or for whatever foreign currency you prefer and have new cycles of development with the Raam. “This is the stimulus the global economy requires. The world economy only gets superficial relief otherwise. It’s by making a policy that allows the Raam, a commodity-based development currency, to act as a catalyst for development of latent natural resources that the world economy will thrive. “It’s time for any government that wants to come out of poverty to invite the Global Country of World Peace to join hands with them. Here is an open invitation. There is no need for anyone to suffer in poverty. “We are ready and able to bless any country with self-sufficiency and invincibility. It is enlightened policy, and not the dollar, that is needed by everyone. “It’s the policy to develop the natural resources of any country that is more important to generate affluence than even the nature of the resources available. “Take Switzerland or Luxembourg, for example, whose resources are financial services rather than tangible assets, and these resources have made them wealthy in the past. Look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo with less than a hundred dollars in income per capita, and Luxembourg or Switzerland with more than $40,000. “Let’s join hands then in formulating policy that is beneficial for the wealthy and poor alike. Here is an open invitation for any government, to eliminate poverty in their nation and participate in creating balance in the world economy providing a lasting foundation of affluence peace and invincibility for every nation. “The headlines today may be about what our esteemed colleagues, the Ministers of Finance of European nations, are telling each other these days–but this message from Maharishi’s platform is more significant news.” Press Contact: Mark Haviland Email: [email protected] Phone: +31475539521 MAHARISHI GLOBAL FINANCING RESEARCH Station 24, 6063 NP Vlodrop, Netherlands www.MaharishiGlobalFinancing.org ENDS