50k is the distance between Aleppo in Syria and the Turkish border, a journey many refugees have been forced to make to get to safety. 


20-year-old Bristol University student Ella Lambert from Chelmsford conceived the idea during lockdown and, with plans to study abroad on hold due to Covid, some unexpected time on her hands, donations of fabric from her local community and a crash course in how to use a sewing machine, Ella and 21-year-old uni friend Oliwia Geisler from Poland, who lives in Sutton, London, got to work.


In just over a month, The Pachamama Project has been registered as a Community Interest Company and established links with three refugee charities: a new refugee free shop in Lebanon and Becky’s Bathhouse and the Azadi Project, that both support what was the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece. The Pachamama Project is now also temporarily sending disposable pads and nappies to Lesbos to help provide emergency aid after the huge fire that devastated the Moria camp on 9 September.


Ella Lambert said: “Period poverty is a global issue but the pandemic has shone a light on the most vulnerable in society.  Our pads are easy to make and will, we hope, make a huge difference to people already facing unimaginable daily challenges. Having your period should not be one of those challenges.”


Oliwia Geisler said: “I love the fact that the pads we are making at the kitchen table end up in the hands of the people who need them most.  From your hands to theirs – being part of this effort couldn’t be more direct.  If you want to feel connected to the people you are helping, being a Pachamama volunteer is the project for you.”


Anyone is welcome to become a Pachamama volunteer and we are particularly keen to provide opportunities for young people to gain some experience working with us, whether that be making pads, setting up a school/ uni/community club, fundraising, or sourcing free fabric supplies, for example.


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The Pachamama Project, a Community Interest Company set up in July 2020 to make reusable sanitary pads for refugees and grow a network of volunteers to make them.