Tech on Repeat

Technology evolves at a rapid pace nowadays, with a new iPhone or cutting-edge laptop seemingly coming out every month. But what about the tech that’s always been around, even after its demise has been predicted?

Vinyl record players are the most notable piece of tech that keeps coming back, no matter how many times you press reset. The resurgence of vinyl back in 2015 meant a renewed demand for record players with manufacturers bringing out new models.

As avid first-adapters, Ebuyer employees have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to keeping an eye on tech trends. So, we asked 200 staff members which top five pieces of tech they think will still be popular in 10 years’ time. Their votes stacked up like this:

  1. iPhone (88)
  2. Nintendo (59)
  3. Vinyl record players (24)
  4. Polaroid cameras (17)
  5. iPod (12)

“The Nintendo console is one piece of tech that seems to have stuck around. I expected it to die out along with polaroid cameras and vinyl record players, but they keep coming back with more!” said Lee Weymouth, Commercial Director at Ebuyer. “People love to re-live their childhood memories. Retro tech has almost become a must-have hipster fashion accessory.”

As one of the UK’s largest online tech retailers, Ebuyer are no stranger to supplying popular demand. Providing customers with a healthy dose of nostalgia, now stock perennial favourites such as vinyl record players, instant cameras and retro games.


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