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T-post explained in 2 min: Five news articles written by the contributing writers of T-post was put up for all Threadless and T-post fans to vote on. The winning article “Green is as green does” was then presented to the Threadless community with the challenge to interpret the news story into a graphic design. This great collaboration was named by Threadless to “Threadless loves T-Post” T-post Issue No 68: Green is as green does The article written by Tyler Remmel handles the growing amount of producers who are introducing green products, not to join the green movement themselves, but in an attempt to appeal to green consumers. The winner and the creator of this beautiful graphic interpretation is Ville Morkki from Finland About T-post A subscription to T-post is like having a subscription to a magazine, but instead of receiving a paper magazine in the mail every month you receive a T-shirt. News story printed on the inside, graphic interpretation of that news story on the front. Making it an all-around conversation piece. Like any other magazine T-post subscribers don’t know what the story is going to be or who is designing the “cover”. Subscribing to T-post is like getting a surprise birthday present in the mail every single month. T-post began in 2004 with the desire to make a news magazine that highlighted topics the T-post team thought needed to be further discussed. And they wanted to do it in a way that would engage as many people as possible. “When people read a traditional magazine, they tend to keep the news to themselves. We wanted to find a more public way to present our stories. So, we combined them with the best pop culture medium ever invented, the graphic T-shirt. Our subscribers became our walking and talking billboards.” Says Peter Lundgren, founder of T-post. T-post started out by making just 5 copies and distributing them to their friends. From there, the word began to spread and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, T-post is distributed to over 50 countries and has been called “Reinventing the magazine” and “Awesome” by The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine respectively. For high resolution pictures or more information: and,/a> Contact: Peter Lundgren,, +4670 – 227 48 02 A PDF of this release is available here. Please click on images for print-quality pictures. Web: Previous T-shirt Issues: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Examples of previous issues:,