The subject matter for the April issue of T-post is “The cosmos and our inner child” a story that focuses on the growing number of spy satellites in the earth’s atmosphere deployed for military or intelligence applications. The visual graphic on the t-shirt is designed by internationally renowned Australian artist Jeremyville. The t-shirt visually and descriptively illustrates the competition between countries that are sending up reconnaissance satellites. Countries such as United States, China, Japan, Russia and North Korea are all big players in the space war, each trying to gain an edge in these uncharted territories – the universe.

“A lot of really important stories get forgotten or lost amongst all other media buzz. T-posts task is to pick up those stories and give people another chance to discuss them through our T-shirts,” said Peter Lundgren CEO and Editor in Chief at T-Post. “T-post researchers spend a great a deal of time finding the most interesting international news story for its wearable magazine. Be it a big story or a little one, a happy story or an unfortunate one. T-post always tries to focus on current events that deserve more attention. Stories range from political concerns in developing nations, homage to the loyalty of dogs to heavier world topics and events such as the 2004 tsunami disaster. Additionally, the stories are told visually through creative and artistic designs on the front of the t-shirt.”

Subscribers get their t-shirt fix every six weeks and each delivery includes an explanation to the news behind the design printed on front of the shirt. Each T-post issue costs 26 EUR, which includes the cost of shipping, and can be sent anywhere in the world. To become a T-post subscriber, for more information or to view additional T-post issues, please visit www.t-post.se.

About T-post
Founded in 2004, T-post is the first wearable magazine. The goal of T-post is to inspire people to bring forth, to think about and to discuss vital topics that are happening around the world. In the past, a t-shirt was just an article of clothing to wear. Today, T-post has made it a mode of conversation; they are yet another way to communicate and awaken the senses. For more information please visit www.t-post.se