T-post: World’s first wearable magazine celebrates most important drum loop with air drum shirt, song and video

An original song using the famous drum loop and a music video featuring dueling drummers demonstrate just how easy it is.

Let’s say you were a in a band over 40 years ago. And at the peak of your musical career, in 1969 to be exact, you put out a chart-topping single—one that earned a prestigious Grammy Award.

Decades later, a 6-second drum break featured on the B-side of that hit was sampled and used in thousands of popular hip-hop, pop, drum and bass, and jungle tracks, without your permission. And let’s say, despite your signature drumbeat becoming a part of the pop culture soundscape, you received zero credit or royalties.

This is the true story of The Winstons, a 60s funk and soul band that could be responsible for creating the most sampled record of all time.

Midway through the aforementioned B-side entitled “Amen, Brother” there is a drum solo performed by G.C. Coleman.

It is this 6-second drum break, now known as ‘The Amen Break’ that is responsible for giving birth to numerous hits and entire music subcultures.

Inspired by Nate Harrison’s audio installation ‘Can I Get An Amen’ featured on YouTube, T-post decided to pay tribute to the famous drum break by creating an original track and music video using the Amen Break, as well as a graphic T-shirt that features a playable drum set. Air drummers unite!

Watch Preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wS583-5pqU

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