As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt based on a current news item every six weeks. Select designers provide their interpretation of a specific news story and that design is combined with the actual news which is printed on the inside of the shirt.

“What’s fascinating about T-post is the interaction it creates. Nobody asks you about the article you just read in the bathroom. But if you’re wearing an issue of T-post, people tend to ask what it’s about. The next thing you know, you’re talking about the ethical treatment of robots or some bank robbers in Brazil who got away with 45 million bucks, you’re forming your own opinion, getting someone else to think about the topic, and it just keeps going from there.

“Because the news is printed inside the shirt, the subscriber is left with an opportunity to interpret and communicate the meaning behind the shirt. It really becomes the subscriber’s interpretation of the story, which is even more interesting to hear about I think” said Peter Lundgren Editor-in-Chief at T-Post.

January issue “Blood vs. Love”

Imagine you’ve just had your first child, the new love of your life is born, an actual piece of yourself. Then imagine that after 10 months you find out that the child you’ve loved and nurtured for nearly a year isn’t actually your biological child. As it turns out, your baby was switched with another couple’s child at the hospital, and they’ve unknowingly been raising your baby all this time. How would you react? It might sound like something from out of a movie, but this actually happened. And when the couples were notified of the mistake, both sets of parents were faced with an emotional and moral dilemma: Listen to your heart or listen to your mind? (More: www.t-post.se)

Blood vs. Love is designed by Jarno Kettunen

This issue of T-post was designed by the young Finnish illustrator Jarno Kettunen. Jarno, now living and working in Belgium, has recently gained reputation in the fashion world for his expressive drawings. His style is inspired by the traditional techniques of fine arts yet they show a fresh take on contemporary illustration.

This is especially true for his action drawings, made directly at the backstage of fashion shows, like on the show of former T-post designer Patrik Söderstam. For this issue (as in his other work) Jarno wanted to create a visual that delivers the message – a feeling – while the rest remains open to interpretation.

Check out more of Mr. Kettunens work at www.jarnok.com

About T-post

T-post started back in 2004 from a desire to re-wire the structures of news communication.

While concepting ways to engage people in important topics, our favourite garment, the T-shirt, quickly came up and seemed like an ideal media for our aspiration. T-shirts inspire conversation, and when you ad a story to them, you get people thinking; you create a buzz. By combining a magazine subscription with a T-shirt we’re able to utilize the attention and commitment accustom to the ‘fashion world’ while communicating interesting and important news topics. It all started out as an experiment. Today we’re sending our issues to over 50 countries.

A subscription to T-post costs 26 EUR per T-shirt, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. All shipping costs are included in that price. For more information please visit www.t-post.se or/and contact us at peter@t-post.se

Peter Lundgren, Editor-in-Chief
+46 (0)70 227 48 02

V. Strandgatan 5
903 26 Umeå

T-post is a wearable magazine. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having a subscription to a magazine but instead of receiving magazines in your mailbox – you receive T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt every six weeks based on a current news item. The topic is interpreted by select designers and the written story printed on the inside.

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