Swiss AI SaaS Startup Caplena Raises 7-Figure Seed Round to Automate Customer Feedback Analysis



Caplena, the AI-powered text analytics SaaS for customer feedback, today announced that it has closed its first-ever financing round. This 7-figure seed money brings the company’s valuation to 10M. As Caplena switches from bootstrapping to a funded startup, it will utilize the invested money to fuel its sales and marketing efforts, to further mature the product and to expand its core technology.


“We’ve been fans of bootstrapping because it gave us the freedom to focus on the core technology and AI without too much external pressure. Now we’re ready to bring our product to the global stage.” – says Maurice, Co-Founder at Caplena.


As of today, Caplena is actively used by 100 customers in 15 countries around the globe and has been able to double its customer base every year.


Market researchers, consultants and insights professionals – from startups to Fortune 500 companies worldwide – rely on Caplena as their primary source to analyze customer feedback of all sorts for a wide array of industries. What sets Caplena apart is its flexible and highly accurate AI, packaged into an easy-to-use self-service tool . This enables text analysis at the level of a fully manual analysis at a fraction of the cost and time. Most recently, Caplena has been working on a complete revamp of its AI engine to automatically identify topics and assign them to individual customer comments including the respective sentiment towards each topic. With these new developments under its belt, as well as the necessary funds, Caplena is looking to help mid – to large sized companies better understand their customers.


“Our explosive growth over the last few years is explained simply: Caplena has reinvented how large amounts of customer feedback is processed. We’ve established that AI can be accurate enough for the analysis of strategically important text data such as customer feedback,” said Pascal de Buren, Co-Founder of Caplena. “Together with our esteemed investors, we are excited to bring the next chapter to Caplena to make it the de-facto solution for customer feedback analysis.”


At present, Caplena employs 10 people and continues to hire at a rapid pace for both remote and in-person positions. To join Caplenas expanding team, visit the careers page here.


About Caplena


Caplena is a Swiss Software-as-a-Service Startup founded by Maurice and Pascal, two AI experts and graduates of ETH Zürich. The two co-founders realized the market potential of their developed algorithm after being approached by leading market research companies. Caplena uses AI to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to analyze large amounts of free text from reviews or responses to open-ended questions. Within minutes Caplena identifies topics and auto-tags large datasets, freeing users from repetitive categorization. The software allows its customers to focus on what truly matters – producing deeper and more meaningful insights. Caplena is an ETH spinoff and winner of the newcomer of the year award in market research technology.



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