Swanson Health Products Launches “The Supplement Facts”

Swanson has always invested in providing relevant content on the uses and benefits of vitamins and supplements as part of its strategy to maintain long term growth and continue to grow market share.

“Serious vitamin and supplement buyers want a fair price, but they also want top quality and relevant information so they can make educated selections,” said Ken Harris, CEO of Swanson. “We also want to simplify the process for our new customers. We strongly believe that the investment we are making in providing content will generate new loyal long-term customers.”

Additionally, the 196-page Swanson catalog is now available online and through a free digital subscription. The catalog contains articles on new products and health concerns and allows customers to browse by type of product and health condition. With an online Health Library, product articles and interviews, a Health Encyclopedia, and a glossary, Swanson offers a plethora of information to help customers make educated choices.

The Swanson Blog also helps expand the knowledge base and encourages a community among Swanson customers. Updated multiple times each week, the blog is a resource for educational and entertaining articles, infographics, company announcements and more. Customers are welcome to engage with the company and each other by commenting on the latest posts. In addition, Swanson is a sponsor of ihealthtube.com, which features more than 6,000 video interviews with scientists and health professionals on a wide range of alternative health-related topics.

Swanson’s website and catalog have always contained detailed product information on its products and each allows consumers to compare multiple products. Swanson’s online search tool allows customers to easily and quickly narrow the selection down to products that meet their criteria. The website also makes suggestions based on the criteria and provides ratings and reviews.

Swanson carries more than 20,000 products for optimal health including top quality vitamins, minerals, supplements, sports nutrition, and organic beauty, pet and cleaning products. All products from Swanson’s website, www.SwansonVitamins.com, carry a risk-free purchase guarantee. Headquartered in Fargo, ND, the company operates out of a modern, Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facility, where orders are fulfilled and shipped to customers worldwide.



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