SurveyMonkey Launches Election Tracking Product

The company is taking a major step forward in the insights industry by offering this polling platform of the future.

The product leverages the more than 10,000 interviews collected every week to give customers unparalleled, easy-to-use tools to understand what is shaping up to be the election of a lifetime. In all, SurveyMonkey will interview about 2 million voters, with respondents randomly selected from the more than 90 million responses the platform receives every month.

In addition to national data, the product includes state-level data in battleground states, and in the 34 states with Senate races and 12 states electing governors this fall. The platform provides real-time, one-click analysis by:

  • Crosstabs: By gender, age, race, white evangelical, education, income, party ID, ideology, geography are standard. Customization available.
  • Weighting: By Census Bureau & Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey. Customization available.
  • Filters: By state and week.

“This presidential cycle will be historic for many reasons, but it will also break new ground in the way pollsters, campaigns and media are able to track opinions along the way,” said Jon Cohen, Chief Research Officer of SurveyMonkey.

Developed by SurveyMonkey engineers, the Election Tracking product is overseen by two of the most respected pollsters in America: Cohen, former head of polling at The Washington Post and Pew Research, and SurveyMonkey’s Head of Election Polling Mark Blumenthal, previously co-founder of

“Public Opinion Strategies is addicted to tracking and our weekly ‘fix’ from SurveyMonkey is one more way we are monitoring developments in this election,” said Bill McInturff, partner at the renowned Republican political polling firm. “We are fully utilizing their robust sample each week and standard as well as customized cross-tabs they deliver to our firm. We are witnessing perhaps the most tumultuous, and unpredictable, election since 1968 and in this environment, combined with our own extensive work nationally and in states across the country, we wanted access to the most data we can get our hands on to make sure if something is changing out there, we know it, and our clients are always ahead of the curve.”

Michael J. Frias, Chief Client and Marketing Officer at Democratic political firm Catalist adds, “The scale of SurveyMonkey’s sample size and response data provide them with a unique vantage point from which to innovate and experiment, in real time, offering new ways to gather political insight for 2016 and beyond.”

SurveyMonkey Election Tracking is the latest in opinion polling and data initiatives for the company. Earlier this year, the company announced an extension of their NBC News partnership and launched weekly online polls to gauge voter behaviors and attitudes throughout the 2016 election cycle. The company also launched SurveyMonkey Intelligence, the first ever mobile intelligence platform for app publishers to get data and critical insights on more than a thousand mobile apps and the overall app economy.

New SurveyMonkey Election Tracking data from 10,000 Americans surveyed during the week of July 4-July 10 reveals some interesting trends Republicans and Democrats should take into consideration as they begin their conventions. Next week, Republicans will be focused on exploiting the following advantages:

  • Donald Trump currently leads Hillary Clinton by a 58 percentage point margin (75 to 17 percent) among white evangelical voters. That’s roughly the same margin that Mitt Romney led Barack Obama among white born again Christians in the 2012 exit poll.
  • The gender gap is enormous. Men support Trump by nine points (50 to 41 percent) but women support Clinton by even more (52 to 38 percent).
  • While Democrats will be looking to shore up support with young and educated voters while in Philadelphia:
  • Clinton currently leads Donald Trump among 18-to–24-year-olds by a better than 2-to–1 margin (62 to 29 percent). That’s slightly bigger than the 60 to 36 percent lead Barack Obama enjoyed over Mitt Romney in the network exit poll in 2012.
  • A similar pattern holds for all Millennial voters. Clinton leads Trump by 25 percentage points (58 to 33 percent) among all registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Clinton leads Trump by 20 points (55 to 36 percent) among voters with a college degree. In the 2012 network exit poll, Obama ran just two points ahead of Romney (50 to 48 percent) among college graduates.

SurveyMonkey Election Tracking syndicated data is available for purchase. Custom questions are available upon request. Pricing varies with level of access and customization. For more information about SurveyMonkey Election Tracking, visit:

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