Supercharge Your Business Communications with Mailbird’s Email Tracking Feature



There is a common problem within business communication: it’s tricky to define whether a recipient has already opened an email or not. Is it the right time to send a follow-up, or should you wait a couple more days?


Some people use traditional read receipts offered by some email providers, but it’s quite a complicated procedure that requires not only turning on the feature by the sender, but also a confirmation from the recipient.  


Mailbird has solved this problem and made things easier.


Mailbird’s new Email Tracking feature tells you when and by whom your email was opened: 


  • Independent from the email provider your recipients use
  • Supported group emails ensure all included members have received the important message.
  • All personal data, including location, device, email data, etc., remains undisclosed. Mailbird only tracks the time when an email was opened.
  • Option to block the feature and keep your emails untracked


Email Tracking is a super feature in Mailbird, with an abundance of valuable use cases for both individuals and businesses. 


It truly solves the stress of not knowing, by simply giving you validation and confirmation that your communication was received. It gives you context, saves you time, provides insight, and helps us write emails effectively.” – Andrea Loubier, Mailbird CEO


It’s a built-in tool that is easily activated inside the app. So, you can use Mailbird to manage your communication and check what emails have been opened to follow up. 


The Mailbird Email Tracking feature is different from alternative tools, because it works automatically without any additional actions required once activated. While it takes privacy seriously and keeps you and your recipients from disclosing personal data.


Together with the Mailbird Snooze feature (also great for setting reminders) and the Mailbird Send Later feature (great for deferred conversations), Email Tracking gives you control over your business communication and improves your productivity at work.


The feature is available in the Mailbird Business version. The Mailbird Personal license  offers a limited number of trackings per month.


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Mailbird was created in 2012 as a Sparrow-inspired desktop email client for Windows and became one of the most successful startups in the category with a 102% average year-over-year revenue growth since 2013. Mailbird has been repeatedly awarded as the best email client by reputable media outlets, such as IT World, PC World, Windows Report, and others.