Study: US Enterprise Software Waste Hits $28 Billion

The report defines waste as a piece of software that has been deployed to a desktop but not used.

 “There is huge evidence of software waste across all sectors,” says Buffi Neal, co-author of the report. “The inability of organizations to reduce average waste levels suggests that they remain unaware of the underlying cost-saving opportunities.”

The report found that, of the 35 leading applications examined, the following were most prone to waste: 1. TechSmith Camtasia Studio (waste: 67%) 2. SAP Crystal Reports (63%) 3. Adobe InDesign (55%) 3. Adobe Dreamweaver (55%) 5. Microsoft Visio (47%) 5. Adobe Illustrator (47%) 7.Microsoft Project Professional (46%) 8. Adobe Photoshop (42%) 9. Helios TextPad (40%) 10. Corel WinZip (34%).

The report also shines a light on what those applications with very high deployment and waste levels cost businesses. For example, Project Professional alone is calculated to be costing the average business of 30,000 machines $381,840.

The Software Usage and Waste Report also analyzes software efficiency by industry. Of the 16 global industries defined, government (28%) boasts the lowest waste, while aviation (47%) and education (47%) have the highest.

“All industries have a need for specialized software,” comments report co-author Peter Beruk. “An accounting firm will have the need for accounting software, while an engineering firm will have a greater need for CAD software. The Software Usage and Waste Report will allow the SAM manager to recognize those applications most unused within their business immediately and develop a remediation plan.”

The 1E Software Usage and Waste Report coincides with the release of 1E’s new Software Intelligence tool, which offers businesses a free snapshot of their own application usage.

Founded in 1997, 1E’s mission is simple: enable our customers to automate the software lifecycle. 1E’s Software Asset Management solution and AppClarity product are part of the Software Lifecycle Automation suite.


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