Streetbeat Launches New AI Trading Active Manager Service Using ChatGPT


[PRESSWIRE] California, USA – May 30th, 2023 — Streetbeat, a leading investment advisory platform offering patented AI-driven investment strategies, today announced the release of a new investment service that will actively manage trading portfolios based on real-time news analysis using ChatGPT4.


SmartPilot analyzes large volumes of real-time news using generative AI and proprietary algorithms to actively manage the customer’s portfolio. By dynamically fine-tuning individual allocations, SmartPilot identifies opportunities to increase exposure to companies with positive news coverage while reducing exposure during adverse news events.


SmartPilot is available to all customers using the Streetbeat investing app. Customers can create an account or connect to their existing brokerage account, like Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and many more that are coming soon. You can see the full list HERE. 


“Our goal is to revolutionize the way people invest and set new standards in the field,” said Damian Scavo, CEO of Streetbeat. “Never before has retail investing seen this much innovation, from generative AI to quant-trading capabilities, for just $10 per month. We aim to continue to lead the AI revolution in Finance and democratize access to quality investment advisory services, once reserved only for the privileged few.”


“The first wave of academic research applying ChatGPT to the world of finance is already being published and the results are compelling,” said Maciej Donajski, Co-founder and CTO of Streetbeat. “We are seeing a lot of interest – and some very interesting use cases – emerge from integrating generative AI within our investing experience and technology.”


Capitalizing on Market Trends


SmartPilot is one of many distinctive features in the Streetbeat investing app designed to leverage real-time data, such as reputable news sources, to make algorithmic decisions about portfolio weightings, allocations, and even buy/sell orders. Customers can create their own strategies – or “Copilots” – using generative AI simply by talking to the app, similar to talking to a professional investment advisor, or by choosing from a number of actively managed options.


“We know every investor is unique,” added Damian Scavo. “Our app is designed to give our customers choice and control, but also to make investing user-friendly, approachable, and even engaging as a key financial tool for building long-term wealth.”


The Streetbeat app is available for download here: 

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About Streetbeat


Streetbeat is an innovative investment platform designed to bring hedge-fund level data capabilities to the retailer investor using powerful, proprietary data, technology, and generative AI to level the playing field for everyone. Streetbeat empowers investors with professional, curated, and personalized trading strategies (what we call “Copilots”) as well as tools to dynamically and actively manage portfolios, based on real-time market conditions and news, for optimal composition and performance. Streetbeat is an SEC-registered investment adviser. The Streetbeat app is available in the Apple and Android stores. More information can be found at  


The SmartPilot feature is reliant on AI such as ChatGPT to process news and other data sources and ultimately generate investments signals. However, AI is a relatively new technology and as a result, there are inherent risks in relying on new technologies.