A start-up offers a simple solution to the affordable housing crisis

“They’re too “bling”, if I may. They are expensive to buy, expensive to build and expensive to maintain. Yet, homes are supposed to be places of residence and refuge, not additional cost”, he explains. “And there’s no problem, if you can afford an expensive home. It’s just, a lot of us can’t.” Therefore, he offers a solution – www.gloghome.com GLOG home is made to ease the problem of expensive housing and help promote the concept of self-build – a topic quite popular in the UK, for example. Building a house is very expensive, but that is not all, is it? The real costs hide themselves in the maintenance of the house – utility bills show exactly what I mean. GLOG homes are affordable, easy to build and will stay energy efficient, meaning smaller utility bills and a home, that is truly a place of refuge. In Kuldkepp’s opinion, people have built their own homes for thousands of years and granted the techniques and materials have changed, but it shows that it is not difficult for a non-professional builder to build his or her home. GLOG home provides the expertise and expects you to have the other resources – materials, time, and motivation. In addition to the simple house plans, Kuldkepp promises GLOG home will add a purchase list, so every builder knows exactly what and how much to buy. “Motivation, is essentially the only thing we can’t help you with”, he laughs. One of GLOG home’s secret weapons is the design of their house building plans – the plans are very easy to read and use. “For example: can you imagine building a prefabricated birdhouse using nothing but materials from a local hardware store and a step-by-step manual? Why not your home then? A home just means more materials and time. That’s it!” Kuldkepp says. To illustrate his point, the site automatically offers you FREE birdhouse plans after you submit your question or a quote request via GLOG home’s homepage (www.gloghome.com). About GLOG home GLOG home is situated in Tartu, Estonia with one principle in mind – reducing costs on housing. Even the company’s name (GLOG – Green Living Off the Grid) hints, that if one should want to, it would be possible to build a “GLOG“ in any remote place one chooses. The idea and a lot of its components like house plans, designs and business strategies go back more than two years, when Kuldkepp and his partners started analysing the markets and planning the business. The self-build concept is nothing new – the Scandinavians have been building that way for decades. Contact: Mr Indrek Kuldkepp CEO LOG home indrek@gloghome.com Telephone: 00372-528-1522 ENDS