The spread of crimes and terrorism in the world


Over the last 30 days, London, St. Petersburg, Paris, Germany and many other cities around the world have been exposed to terrorism. This is the result of injustice and lawlessness in many countries, including Iraq.

For example, despite the publishing of my #legal #complaint in the @IndependentUK newspaper on 6-7 February 2017 and in many Iraqi government newspapers and satellite channels, so far, the court did not respond to the truth and justice in giving me my right and the right of my family, and did not answer to the @Independent UK newspaper and to my #complaint.

The complaint has also been posted in social media sites Twitter, where the views have reached 8 million during the past 5 months and in Facebook, and in a year have reached more than 2 million views on Instagram and YouTube.

This calls for a serious and firm stand by respected journalists to push governments and judicial authorities around the world to act in accordance with the law and to apply law, justice and humanitarian regulations properly and in a complementary manner. This will help greatly in preventing the spread of crime including terrorism in many countries of the world. We may not in the 21st Century have such a violation of human rights and justice.

The injustice and lack of applying the law by the Iraqi courts or in any other country are fundamental to the spread of crime, including the terror crimes in all countries of the world. Standing with the right application of the law will reflect positively on all countries of the world. This is the real responsibility of the respected media by standing with truth, justice, human rights and humanity.

I “#Thaar_Majeed_Hassan” have filed a lawsuit in Iraq which was declined by the Iraqi judiciary. The court closed the case without any investigations in the crimes that occurred against my family and me, including the terror crimes and the killing of my sister. The court took such a decision only to conceal criminals. The bad situation of the Iraqi judiciary is widely known, you can be sure of the opinion of the Iraqi people by reading the comments on my #complaint, which developed from almost a year on @faristaie and link third under. My #complaint was presented in several of Iraqi’s newspapers and media, including in the government newspaper AL_Sabah, and copies exist on @faristaie on the same link. The court did not answer any of these complaints. Therefore, such wrong decisions make #Iraq a breeding ground for rampant crime of various kinds.

In my accounts on social media and in several newspapers, I raised the following message, which should be spread widely until the Iraqi’s court applied the right law:

From: Chancellor Engineer #Thaar_Majeed_Hassan

To: Mr. President of the #Iraqi #Supreme_Judicial_Council

I demand to send a clear and explicit resolution from the #Supreme_Judicial_Council based on a complaint kt/84/2016 on 08May2016 in the form of judicial oversight, which proved the invalidity of all the decisions of discrimination by its recommendation on Aug/2016. Or refer the case and appeals discriminatory (in the Federal Court of discrimination/body penal 4989 sequence 3825 and 7599 sequence 3838 in 28June2016 and 124 sequence 1061 in 21Feb2016) immediately to a competent investigative committee or an international committee. The #Supreme_Judicial_Council must take all measures to reverse the false and bad decisions taken by the #Federal_Court of discrimination that closes the case without any investigations, arrest criminals before escaping and refer the case to the competent Court. – the pinned post

As you can see in my account @thaar, in addition to the complaint in the British newspaper The Independent, the complaint was published in Al-Sabah newspaper No. 3527 on 5/11/2015 and again in the same newspaper No. 3769 on 1/9/2016 on the open door page and in the new Al Bina newspaper no 2494 dated 6/6/2016 and a complaint in the same newspaper No. 2499 on 13/6/2016 and an AD in the AL_Sabah new newspaper No. 3408 dated 27/4/2016 and a complaint in the same newspaper No. 3409 on 28/4/2016 and two complaints in the Government of Citizen No. 2015JJYU48193 2016RPF3Y56895 on 25/12/2015 and 10/4/2016 as well as an AD in the new Al-Bina newspaper No. 2531 dated 8/8/2016 and two ADs and complaint in the same newspaper No. 2603 dated 5/12/2016 and many complaints on Iraqi satellite channels and social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, where up to 10 million people shows the complaint and without any response from the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and the courts. The pictures are in Arabic, but their translation is on my Facebook page.

To encourage the judges to do right, and for law enforcement in IRAQ, which will enhance the justice situation in the entire world, we need more people opinion and the #complaint should be presented widely. Therefore, I call the respected reporters to write reports/articles regarding this issue.

This is a true story and a realistic example that the journalist can rely on in any article he wants to write to clarify the importance of justice and its role in building noble societies that will contribute to reducing crimes, including terrorism.

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#Thaar_Majeed_Hassan holds a Master degree (MSc) in Computer Engineering (MSSE), Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and ITIL Certificate. He has more than 22 years of experience in the Automated System fields, and he is the author of a number of technical papers and books. He owns TW@thaarFB@faristaie, inst@thaar_altaiey and YT@thaar taiey accounts to enforce the law, justice and human rights. Al_Taiey also holds several Geneva justice consultant certifications

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