Sounds like doping – New app from epoSOUNDS adds rhythm to your exercise


Sports persons wearing earphones have been populating the fields, woods, parks and even fitness clubs since the invention of portable music players. Concentrating on their movements, but never quite to the rhythm of the song they’re listening to: most rock and pop music hardly ever reaches 150 beats per minute, which would be the ideal frequency for running. In view of the millions of runners worldwide, it seems astonishing that this problem hasn’t been solved before. Finally, the clever epoSOUNDS app remedies this situation. epoSOUNDS is nothing off the rack, but can be adapted to the user’s personal requirements: Thanks to the simple user interface, runners and other endurance athletes can synchronize the beat to their individual workout frequency even while they’re exercising: faster or slower, and without any loss of quality! This opens up entirely new possibilities for anyone doing sports, even professional athletes. After all, it’s much easier to keep up with a musical rhythm than to fight your weaker self. The next logical step for epoSOUNDS was to devise additional features – and that’s exactly what it’s doing at the moment. A built-in step counter and documentation of the distance covered are in the pipeline. Soon users will be able to define the time and maybe even the place of slowing down or speeding up the frequency, which would allow them to plan a comprehensive and targeted training schedule.

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