Sono Motors Launches a Unique Investment Campaign

Previously, the Munich based company had introduced the Sion, an innovative and cost-efficient battery electric vehicle (BEV), with solar integration, suitable for everyday use.

With a range of 250km, price of 16,000 Euro (excluding battery) and integrated mobility services, the Sion should be especially appealing to families, city commuters and commercial fleet operators.

The Sion will be the first mass-market solar car to go into volume production.

Invest in shares or grant loans 

Sono Motors is now launching two simultaneous campaigns:

1. On the Seedrs platform, investors can acquire stakes in Sono Motors GmbH.

2. On the WiWin platform, investors can grant loans to Sono Motors GmbH.

“Investors have different options to support Sono, either by providing debt or equity, depending on their personal preferences. By joining our campaign, participants can grow with us and profit from our success, in a fair, transparent and sustainable manner,” said Martin Sabbione, CFO at Sono Motors GmbH.

Many supporters, one great goal 

The community-approach is one of the key success factors of Sono Motors. From the onset, the community was involved in shaping Sono Motors and the Sion.

Now, the young enterprise is taking the next big leap: an open investment campaign, suitable for different types of investors. “We can secure our independence and build the car that people really want,” said CEO Laurin Hahn, and continued, “Our crowdfunding campaign in 2016 has shown us what can happen when many people are enthusiastic about an idea. Via crowd investment, we can take the Sion and Sono Motors to the next level.”


Frederik Josten,,