A Solution to Expose Cyber Criminals: End-to-end Lawful Interception and Intelligence Solutions From trovicor

True or not, cyber attacks involving the manipulation of social media on a mass scale, domain abuse, phishing or hacking government networks and candidate email accounts, in the electoral process bring into question the integrity of the political candidate and the system itself. Too often such cyber attacks go unpunished, however intelligence generated from lawful interception and intelligence technology could prevent this type of criminal activity.

The Internet’s global reach, ease of access, apparent anonymous communication and virtually unregulated environment are readily exploited by criminals and can make it harder and more time consuming for law enforcement to identify suspects of cyber crime. Nevertheless, it is possible with the right technology to quickly analyse thousands of suspicious accounts and massive amounts of unstructured data collected from various sources, and in doing so detect corruption and expose those behind such cyber attacks before it seriously impacts citizens. The generation of reliable evidence that will hold up in court and help apprehend perpetrators, could prevent such acts from marring the democratic process and would constitute a huge victory in restoring voter confidence in affected countries.

Lawful interception and intelligence solution providers such as trovicor help law enforcement to detect corruption, by facilitating an investigation to monitor and analyse mass amounts of data, uncover suspicious communication patterns and identify the suspects involved. Through analysing any text based data including emails, IP traffic metadata, SMS, website content, Facebook posts, tweets and bank transactions, law enforcement are able to collect vital evidence and build up detailed profiles of the suspects required for use in court in order to bring them to justice.

trovicor solutions perform advanced data generation, fusion, analysis and visualisation, dramatically speeding up criminal investigations and transforming traces extracted from electronic communication, transactions and interactions into reliable actionable intelligence. For more information on how trovicor has helped law enforcement to expose threats, identify suspects and uncover key intelligence in order to outsmart even the most sophisticated criminals in the fight against crime visit http://www.trovicor.com.

Johanna Issako Dzartah