Solo Exhibit by New York-based artist Tarik Currimbhoy to open in Midtown May 30th

Rocker (stainless) © Tarik Currimbhoy

Currimbhoy’s kinetic stainless and bronze sculptures combine a wealth of expertise and experience culled from a successful career as a designer and architect.

The essential issues explored in Currimbhoy’s sculptures are those of gravity, balance, movement and stasis; all are addressed with formal beauty and fineness that belays the underlying exactitude of the mathematical calculations.  The scientific is presented with magical imagination that compels us to probe into the world of rules and laws not always associated with the subject expressiveness of art. – Charlotta Kotik, Independent Curator, Curator Emerita, Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum (Forward, Currimbhoy Catalog, 2017)

Born and raised in India, Tarik Currimbhoy traveled to the United States to study in the early 1970s. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Architecture from the Pratt Institute and a Master of Arts from Cornell University.  He returned to teach at both institutions (Drawing at Cornell and Industrial Design at Pratt). Since his early days, Currimbhoy has been blurring the lines of architecture and art – it is evident that his intent to create spaces that were “timeless… tranquil, simple, and tactile, with a purity of form and material” was a tenet that he carried over into his sculpture.

Currimbhoy considers New York home, a home he shares with his wife and New York Times best selling author, Nayana Currimbhoy.

The May 30 opening reception takes place from 5:30-9:00 pm.  The exhibit runs through June 30.

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