SmartExporter – SAP ‘Live’ data on demand – Free download of SmartExporter Starter Edition

SmartExporter puts an end to the hassle of SAP® data extraction by allowing the user direct and independent extraction of the SAP data.

‘SmartExporter is a customer inspired solution’, said Brendan Walsh, founder of AuditWare Systems Ltd. ‘Many of our customers experience challenges and obstacles when trying to extract SAP data. SmartExporter resolves the time consuming data extraction processes and will enable users to quickly, accurately and reliably extract SAP® Data. We are excited to add SmartExporter to our innovative product portfolio’.

SmartExporter Highlights

* SmartExporter is a Windows-based application and is ideal for ad hoc analyses
* SAP® Certified
* Scheduled data exports
* Access to all transparent SAP tables including
* database views
* pooled tables
* cluster tables
* Once the data request is defined, it can be saved as a’ Favorite’and reused at any time
* Communicates with SAP® via LIBRFC using RFC modules
* Conveniently previews data to be extracted
* Runs on Microsoft® Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7
* Output formats include IMD (IDEA® – Data Analysis Software), CSV, Access and TXT files, as well as files formatted according to the default data structure
* SmartExporter is compatible with Windows XP SP2, Vista, and Windows 7.

SmartExporter is sold and supported exclusively through AuditWare Systems Ltd for the UK and Ireland. The Starter Edition of SmartExporter is now available to download at www.auditware.co.uk

Contact: Luciana Ceross
Company name: AuditWare Systems Ltd
Phone: 01892512348
Web Site: www.auditware.co.uk
Email: [email protected]

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