Slow food at full speed – Exotic food with SCANPAN Tagine

Behind the stove, we willingly “travel” around the world to produce new dishes that enrich the family’s repertoire, experimenting with exotic spices and ingredients from the Middle East, the Far East and the kitchens of North Africa.

Therefore, SCANPAN Denmark ( introduces throughout Europe a new, exciting product to satisfy the creative cook’s penchant for ethnic authenticity and aesthetics: the Tagine.

The trip with SCANPAN goes to the Moroccan and Tunisian kitchen regions, rich in tradition and sanctioned by usage, pursuing the culinary art of painting with a mighty palette of colour, impact and ingredients. The result can only be a pleasant surprise to the palate. The philosophy is to release and retain the natural fragrances of the food by patient cooking on low heat. Steam is the cook’s source of success.

A SCANPAN Tagine consists of a pan as we know it with a relatively high edge and with two handles. What characterizes the Tagine is the lid; a conical shaped dome rises beautifully and well-turned over the food. The purpose of this shape is to collect the steam from the food. The construction and function of the lid and the ceramic titanium non-stick surface of the pan mean cooking with a minimum of fat and liquid; the food remains juicy and full of flavour.

The North African kitchen transforms a stew into a gourmet dish, doing magic with lots of vegetables, spices, chicken, veal or fish. Bread crusts, cheese and egg can also take part – the capacity of the pan and fantasy set a wide frame for a steaming banquet.

The cooking takes time, but the food hardly needs any attention. SCANPAN® Tagine food is slow food that takes many components and patience – but little effort for magnificent results.

The Tagine adds new dimensions, aromas and delicious flavours to the kitchen. With the introduction of this new product, SCANPAN® has proved that good food can easily be low fat, healthy and full of flavour. Enjoy this trip to one of the most wonderful kitchens in the world and steam up your cooking. Bon appétit!

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SCANPAN Classic Tagine, 28 cm: SRP £214.00
SCANPAN Impact Tagine, 28 cm SRP £109.00

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