SirionLabs and The Orchestrate Group Announce Strategic Partnership in the Benelux Region

Under this partnership, SirionLabs and The Orchestrate Group will offer a comprehensive IT services management solution to clients in the Benelux region bringing together the former’s vendor management platform, Sirion, and the latter’s consulting and managed services for IT departments.

“Multi-sourcing and changing delivery models have significantly increased the complexity and the cost involved in management of outsourcing engagements. As a result, the traditional manual approach to vendor management is no longer effective,” said Bas Kleinveld, Managing Partner, The Orchestrate Group, adding, “Value leakage in strategic outsourcing engagements is the biggest challenge facing our clients today. Our partnership with SirionLabs will enable us to help clients address this challenge by leveraging vendor management automation through the Sirion platform.”

“The Orchestrate Group brings to the partnership their strong local understanding and expertise in effectively managing IT functions and suppliers. Their IT management expertise compliments SirionLabs’ technology-led approach to IT vendor management,” said Hartmut Jaeger, SirionLabs’ SVP, Sales (Europe). “We look forward to accelerating our growth in the Benelux market in partnership with The Orchestrate Group,” he added.

About SirionLabs
SirionLabs is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS products focused on post-signature management of complex services. SirionLabs’ proprietary suite, Sirion, significantly reduces the cost of vendor management by automating complex procedures across key disciplines – contract, performance, financial, relationship and risk management.

About The Orchestrate Group
The Orchestrate Group is an independent management consulting and services firm, delivering value to clients by realizing efficient IT supply functions. The vision is that by 2020, IT departments will be organized around delivering value to the business and no longer operating IT delivery functions. Services that The Orchestrate Group delivers include assessments, consulting, interim management and managed orchestration & governance services. It works on a set of pre-defined shared goals.


Devinderjeet Singh
General Manager, Marketing
The Orchestrate Group
Bas Kleinveld
Managing Partner