Sirco Research Shows That over 45s Putting Health at Risk by Ignoring Heart Health

According to the survey 70% of people aged 45 and over are not concerned about their heart health and they are only slightly more concerned than those under 45, with 73% in that age group worried,.

Furthermore, around one in seven 45 and overs (14%) don’t do anything to actively improve their heart health, only slightly less than 26% of under 45s who admitted the same. Across all age groups, over half (51%) were not aware that heart disease is the biggest health-related cause of death in the UK.

TV personality, Anna Williamson said: ”With heart disease responsible for the main cause of death in the UK, it’s more important than ever that we all look after our heart health and take the relevant precautions and measures to ensure we take care of our heart – after all, without it supported by healthy blood flow and beating away healthy, we wouldn’t be here!

Eric Bates, from Sirco, added: “Sirco is a tasty fruit juice drink with the added health benefit. It contains Fruitflow – a water soluble tomato concentrate – approved by the European Food Safety Authority of being scientifically proven to help maintain healthy blood circulation. It gets to work fast, within three hours and lasts up to 18 hours, protecting the arteries by helping to prevent the blood from clogging up.

“Whilst there are products on the market that help lower cholesterol, Sirco is the only product that helps maintain healthy blood circulation.

“Sirco is suitable for people travelling or prone to sitting around a long time at work behind a desk or in hospital. It is a perfect fruit juice replacement as it contains only natural occurring sugars and is ideal to start each morning as part of a healthy diet.”

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