Silicon Valley company launches web video system designed specifically for restaurants

OmnivisionLive LLC ( says that the product, called Restaurant Video Cash, allows entrepreneurs to link restaurants with their patrons via an Internet site ( that is dedicated to restaurant videos only.

According to Stephen Abington, CEO of the venture, the key concept is that anyone can market the product to any restaurant once they are certified as a Restaurant Video Cash reseller.

“We’ve been marketing web videos to restaurants for over eight years an we’ve put together a turnkey system to enable motivated individuals to offer that system to restaurants anywhere in the US and Canada – or really to any restaurant in the world.”

Resellers pay a yearly fee of $97 and receive three free listings on the Restaurant Chooser site, which they can resell to restaurateurs for $97 each for a one-year subscription or for $9.95 per month.

“I’ve seen restaurants boost their page views by over 1000% using this system,” says Abington. “To be able to do that for less than ten dollars a month is a phenomenal value to these businesses.”

In addition to videos that highlight the food, service and ambiance of a foodservice operation, RestaurantChooser also displays websites,menus, maps and reservations information.

A video describing the service has been released and is available for viewing online at: other inquiries can be reached at [email protected]