Shiply reveals London as their most popular 2022 UK moving destination



2022, whilst still faced with resurgences of new variants of COVID-19, saw life returning to normality. Part of this return saw people moving homes with more frequency than in the previous years in which lives were heavily disrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Shiply looked into their data to find the most frequent UK city moves in 2022 so far and found that London, accounting for 15% of all moves, was by far the most popular. Edinburgh took the next spot, with Glasgow and Cambridge following closely behind.


Robert Matthams, owner and founder, noted that “Whilst London remains steadfast at the top of the most popular cities to move to, we continue to see Shiply being used across all major cities in the UK as users look for more affordable quotes to move home”.


Shiply, used by several million customers since 2008, allows users to list their house move requests on the site and receive multiple quotes from removal companies. These prices are often at a cost of a few hundred pounds rather than a few thousand as the movers compete to win your job.



Shiply, founded in 2008, is an online transport marketplace that matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway. It is estimated that over 25% of lorries and vans run empty of cargo and 50% run only part-full in the UK. By making use of this spare capacity, Shiply dramatically cuts down on wasteful CO2 emissions whilst also increasing the profitability of transport companies and offering up to 75% off standard rates for consumers/SME’s.




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