SH Group learning from UK insurers failed experience

According to the 2017 Eptica Insurance study, the UK’s leading insurer failed to accurately answer the 68% of the usual problems raised by the digital platform – worse than 47% in 2016.

The study also highlighted the gap between expectations and reality, with 78% of consumers saying they want to switch channels when talking to insurance companies. Reality checks show that all companies surveyed cannot answer on all four channels in email, Chat, Twitter and Facebook.

Of particular concern is that many insurance companies have given a completely different response to each channel, showing a lack of consistency in the regulated industry. The study report said that only 5% of the people manage to obtain a consistent answer from three different channels, and 70% of the insurance companies are not able to be completely consistent in their answer.

In response time, on average, it takes 40 hours and 25 minutes to get an email reply, Twitter 49 minutes, Facebook 3 hours 45 minutes. Eptica said that this is far beyond the expectations of consumers. “44% of respondents said they wanted to get the answer on Facebook in 30 minutes, while 62% wanted to receive an answer in an e-mail within 2 hours.” The study showed that only 10% of the companies met this standard.

SH Group after knowing this important research report, immediately formed a research team to plan and train the company to be able to answer to all the questions and reach 100% consistency for the digital enquiry platform. This means that SH Group is going to implement speed, relevance, context, personalisation, and empathy into its digital enquiry platform . This new innovation will most likely lead this company to new heights in the digital arena.