Seven Organisational Habits Drive High Performance


What are the seven habits of high performance organisations? Habit 1: Live an inspiring vision. In a high performance organisation, 54% of employees believe that the senior leadership team has an inspiring vision for the organisation. Habit 2: Communicate clear strategies and goals. 69% of employees in high performance organisations understand the company’s overall strategies and their implications. Habit 3: Develop your people. High performance organisations have effective plans for developing and retaining their people and are committed to ensuring that the right people get promoted. Habit 4: Go out of your way to recognise your people. The leaders in high performance organisations go out of their way to acknowledge and thank people for their contribution. Habit 5: Genuinely care for your people. Almost 80% of people in a high performance organisation would recommend the company to family and friends, specifically because “the organisation cares about and is committed to me”. Habit 6: Listen and adapt to customer needs. Almost 80% of people in a high performance organisation believe the company consistently demonstrates its commitment to achieving long term customer loyalty. Habit 7: Continually improve your systems. A high performance organisation is demonstrably committed to continuous improvement. In each of the categories above, the scores for low performance organisations are half, and sometimes as low as a third, of those for high performance organisations. “This insight from our research partners, Insync Surveys, of over 100,000 employees in over 200 organisations underlines our experience that corporate success depends entirely upon how the leadership engages with its people.” said Campbell Macpherson. “After all, your people are your single most important source of competitive advantage – as long as they understand your strategy and are aligned and engaged to deliver.” “Many organisations need to change their habits if they’re truly serious about lifting their productivity and performance”, commented Nicholas Barnett, CEO, Insync Surveys. “Low performance organisations are looking for the next quick fix and are too short-term focused. They’re spending too much time working ‘in’ and not ’on’ the business and can’t decide where to focus and sustain effort”. All of the 200 organisations in the published research had benefited from Insync’s innovative Employee Alignment & Engagement Survey, which goes much deeper than other employee surveys by measuring alignment to strategy, the actual drivers of engagement, plus corporate culture. “Simply the best employee survey I have ever seen” said Campbell. “It should come as no surprise that an organisation that genuinely places their customers and their people at the heart of the business, whose people understand where the company is headed and the role they play in delivering the future, and continually improves the way it works … is one that will outperform its peers.” commented Campbell. “The key to success, as ever, lies in the commitment of an organisation’s leaders and their willingness to implement.” Is your leadership up to the challenge of building a high performance organisation? Click here to download the full report: The 7 organisational habits that drive high performance Notes to Editors Campbell is MD of consultancy Campbell Macpherson & Associates and author of a highly acclaimed and entertaining book on leadership “In the Company of Leaders”. For more information, please visit:

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