Sergey Karjakin Has Become Alpari Forex’s First Client

World blitz chess champion, grandmaster Sergey Karjakin, became its first official client, signing a service agreement with the company and opening his own account. In doing so, he marked the beginning of a new era of regulated access to international financial markets under Russian jurisdiction.

Andrey Dashin is the founder of Alpari and FXTM (ForexTime). The Alpari brand, known as the largest forex broker in Russia and CIS, began its operations in 1998. The companies that make up the Alpari brand dominate by number of clients and by volume of trading operations in many countries in which they operate. (PRNewsfoto/Alpari)
Sergey Karjakin, famous chess grandmaster. Millions of chess fans all over the world, especially in USA, EU, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, China, India and Latin America, hope he will win the title of World Chess Champion shortly.

Here’s what Andrey Dashin, owner of the Alpari international financial brand, stated about this development: “Alpari has always advocated market transparency in the countries in which it operates. To this end, we became one of the initiators and participants of a program to create corresponding legislation in the Russian Federation. Today, the company’s work came to fruition with the long-awaited launch of a new regulatory framework and Alpari Forex opened its doors to the public. First of all, the fact that the company is under Russian jurisdiction will be of interest to clients who are striving for financial security and legal protection. I’m certain that in the future, the company will become even more attractive and competitive compared to those with already established and recognised foreign jurisdictions.”

The world-renowned chess player and the Alpari international financial brand have long had a strong working relationship, a high level of trust, and a shared ambition to be the best in their respective fields. Because of this, it was a no-brainer for Sergey to decide to work with Alpari Forex.

Sergey Karjakin stated: “Together with Alpari, we’ve walked a long and difficult path not only for my career, but also for the restoration of chess in the CIS as a popular and in-demand game. Now, as the financial market in Russia undergoes a new stage in its development, I want to be directly involved in this and take advantage of the opportunities presented on the international currency market through Alpari Forex; a reliable and technologically advanced Forex dealer.”

About Alpari 

Andrey Dashin, Ultimate Beneficial Owner, has been working in the Forex industry for almost 20 years. Alpari today is an influential and globally connected brand, with its products, services and trademarks making it one of the most recognisable companies in the financial industry. Alpari services over one million clients from 150 countries of the world and has over 80 offices across the globe. Alpari’s aggregated trading turnover exceeded $1 trillion in 2016.

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