Sensum Appoints Former Intel Capital Senior Investment Director, Damien Callaghan Chairman of the Board

Callaghan is a 30 year veteran in the high-tech industry. His career of 21 years with Intel Corporation (INTC) included roles as an investor for Intel venture capital arm Intel Capital as well as Business Development roles in the company’s Internet of Things business.  

Sensum is a software company whose technology enables businesses to understand and react to how and why people emotionally respond to brands, products, services and experiences. Using emotion AI algorithms, Sensum can show a deeper, contextually aware understanding of the emotional digital self.

The Sensum emotional response platform consolidates and interprets multimodal biometric data from wearable-tech, facial coding and eye tracking. The platform also utilises contextual data from surveys, implicit tests and emoji analytics to acquire conscious and unconscious responses, providing a full 360° emotional understanding.

In a discussion about Sensum’s future, Damien said  “The next paradigm shift in the development of the digital self is ‘How do I feel?’ – Sensum delivers on this.  Entrepreneurs created the digital platforms to express ‘Who am I?’ via companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn, ‘What am I doing?’ via companies such as Twitter and Instagram and ‘Where am I?’ via companies such as Foursquare and now ‘How do I feel?’ with Sensum.  The application of Artificial Intelligence to emotions to digitally express how one feels is a hugely exciting opportunity.  Sensum have developed algorithms to enable industries to monetize this opportunity.”

Commenting on Callaghan’s appointment, Gawain Morrison, CEO & Co-founder of Sensum said, “We are growing fast and building our team and business capabilities to achieve the vision of becoming number one in the field of multimodal emotions AI. It is fantastic that Damien Callaghan has joined us as Chairman to help us accelerate our growth.”

Sensum has worked with the likes of Unilever, Red Bull Media House, Jaguar, BBC and many more brands to help them understand the emotions and biometric responses for products, advertising and unique PR events. Their creativity and innovation has featured in New Scientist, The Telegraph, CNBC, Marketing and Impact magazine. Showcased at SXSW, Channel 4’s Fuel4 events, Channel 5’s Gadget Show, the Nordic Games Conference, Nesta, Mobile World Congress, Future Foundation, ESOMAR and AdWeek Europe.