The ‘Browser Security Test’ – developed by leading Belgian IT security company, ScanIT – helps home users and large corporate networks close security loopholes by testing a system’s vulnerability against simulated attacks.

Watertight security is now more important than ever as new viruses – like Bugbear – work around or delete virus-checking software and firewalls by exploiting flaws in web browsers and email software.

Such viruses can compromise users’ credit card details, passwords and confidential information before spreading to other users by email, covering their tracks so as not to identify the original user as the sender.

Protecting browser security has also become paramount as online banking continues to grow in popularity.

Most victims do not know they have been infected until their private information is used against them.

David Michaux, Managing Director of ScanIT, said: “Our test is unique because it fully automates the identification and patching process for what would otherwise be a time-consuming, manual job requiring advanced technical knowledge from the user.

“When the test is finished you get a complete report explaining the discovered vulnerabilities, their impact and how to eliminate them.”

Statistics gathered by ScanIT showed 42 per cent of users who checked their online security were at ‘high risk’ of an attack. Twenty-one per cent were at ‘medium risk’ – three quarters of the surfers surveyed were using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

David explained how Internet users fall victim to attack.

“When you’re using your browser to surf the Internet it is possible for an attacker to lure a potential victim to a seemingly innocent ‘Trojan’ website,” he said.

“Once on the site, the attacker can then take advantage of a wealth of flaws in Internet Explorer and in some versions of Netscape to give them ‘carte blanche’ to upload and execute programs as well as access confidential files on their hard-drive. It also enables them to access a user’s Internet history logs and any stored passwords.”

ScanIT’s ‘Browser Security Test’ identifies many of the 100 or so recognised security flaws in the most widely used Internet browsers, telling you in seconds if your system is at risk.

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Notes to Editors:

1/. ScanIT is a leading home and corporate security systems company with operations in Belgium and Dubai. It was established in 1999 to provide security solutions to corporate users worldwide.

2/. ScanIT’s principal operations include: Incident Handling, Security Consulting, Technical Fraud Investigations, Awareness Campaigns, Bulk Software Purchasing and a Constant Update Module system.

3/. ScanIT is continuing a series of highly successful conferences teaching hacking techniques to IT consultants and system engineers who want to learn how a hacker would breach a client’s IT infrastructure. Dates and locations here:

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