SecPoint Penetrator updated, Corporate wireless networks get security boost

The update includes powerful new applications to boost corporate security, such as a Google Hacking Database, to identify whether sensitive company information or files have been indexed by search engines; Improved Word Lists for cracking (now more than 1.1 billion entries); and an Easy Wifi Security Assessment to show whether a Wifi network is vulnerable. The Penetrator’s user interface also receives a major upgrade, making it more user-friendly. The launch of the SecPoint Penetrator 9.9 comes at a time when wardriving is news once more… This time in Seattle, where three people were recently prosecuted for physically breaking into offices and installing malware on workers’ terminals after identifying vulnerable corporate wireless networks from their cars. The 53 companies affected were subsequently robbed by the gang in various ways, including office payroll cash being rerouted to private accounts, charging items to the companies’ Amazon and eBay accounts, and identity/data theft, all-in-all totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Three of the businesses said afterwards they had believed their networks were secure. The Penetrator could have prevented all of these networks from being discovered and infiltrated by the gang thanks to its advanced Vulnerability Scanner. Victor Christiansenn, SecPoint’s CEO, explains: “With its comprehensive vulnerability database and the application of sophisticated auditing techniques, the Penetrator enables you to always be one step ahead of even the most skilled and advanced attackers. It has no limit on the amount of auditing nor limit on the number of IP addresses and is most certainly one of the strongest and most comprehensive vulnerability assessment solutions on the market.” Prices start from 150 Euro for the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Software version and 899 Euro for the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Appliance version, which comes preloaded on a Dell server. The SecPoint Penetrator uses the same engine to operate as its sister products, the Cloud Penetrator, Portable Penetrator. Images and video of the Penetrator in action are available here, for publication: Web: Print: Video: (Shows: WPA2 Audit) Note: Journalists may apply for a VMware review model of the SecPoint Penetrator, by emailing Victor Christiansenn, as below. Notes to editors: Europe’s leading IT-security company SecPoint delivers specialized UTM, vulnerability management solutions with Grey Listing, Web Filter and Content Filter. Services include Intrusion Prevention, IT Security Penetration Testing and Wi-Fi Security auditing to businesses worldwide. Operating globally since 1999 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, SecPoint has been delivering high-end security products to more than 1200 customers across SecPoint Operations in the United States and Europe. For further information, please contact: Victor Christiansenn [email protected] Tel: +45-40 90 16 30 For the latest news follow SecPoint on: ENDS