SecPoint Penetrator awarded top marks by IT security bible

Veteran IT journalist Peter Stephenson at the magazine called the leading vulnerability scanning and penetration scanning system an ‘excellent product’ and noted ‘it’s very easy to use and manage … with a simple design and excellent feature set’. His full review, also available to see online here (, is as follow: “The Penetrator ( from SecPoint ( is exactly what it says it is. This product has been designed to scan for vulnerabilities and to try to penetrate them. This appliance features the ability to scan and exploit anything with an IP address – going beyond just systems, but also routers, switches, firewalls and many other devices. “This solution has been designed in such a way that it is very simple to use. Installation takes just a few minutes and is guided by a setup wizard. After the initial setup is complete, users can begin scanning immediately. All scanning and administration is done through a simple and intuitive web GUI. The appliance also comes equipped with several preconfigured scanning templates and easily selectable scanning options. “This product is straightforward and easy to use. It has many clickable options, which makes vulnerability scanning and penetration testing intuitive. This, combined with a multitude of vulnerability checks, detailed remediation information and easy-to-read reporting, make this product a solid tool. The only problem we ran into is that when a user logs on to the web GUI from an unauthorized IP, it will not allow the logon without going through a check first. But we had to go through the check several times before we could access the GUI. “Documentation included a full user manual, as well as a quick-start guide. The guide provided a few simple steps for getting the product up and running. The manual then provided detailed configuration and feature information. Both guides also included many screen shot examples. “SecPoint includes in the price of the yearly subscription 24/7 live chat, email and Skype technical support, as well as access to an online forum. There are also a few free resources available on the website for customers. At a price starting at $1,200 per year for eight scanable IPs, this product is not an inexpensive option. We find it to be an average value for the money based on its simple design and excellent feature set.” Victor Christiansenn, CEO of SecPoint adds that the price provided by the magazine doesn’t take account of a payment structure that accounts for size of the purchasing company and thus, the bigger the system; the less a company would pay per IP address. Images and video of the Penetrator in action are available here, for publication: Web: Print: Video: (Shows: WPA2 Audit) Note: Journalists may apply for a VMware review model of the SecPoint Penetrator, by emailing Victor Christiansenn, as below. Notes to Editors: Europe’s leading IT-security company SecPoint delivers specialized UTM, vulnerability management solutions with Grey Listing, Web Filter and Content Filter. Services include Intrusion Prevention, IT Security Penetration Testing and Wi-Fi Security auditing to businesses worldwide. Operating globally since 1999 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, SecPoint has been delivering high-end security products to more than 1200 customers across SecPoint Operations in the United States and Europe. For further information or test models, please contact: Victor Christiansenn Tel: +45-40 90 16 30 For the latest news follow SecPoint on: ENDS