Seaco Goes Live with SAP on AWS

Seaco now runs its entire IT estate on the AWS cloud, thanks to the migration programme planned and executed by Lemongrass and the Seaco IT team.   The global SAP Landscape now within AWS includes: ERP, CRM, BW, Portal, BI, Gateway, Content Server and Solution Manager, and all management tools and applications previously hosted in a traditional Data Centre, were also migrated to cloud.

One of the core business drivers behind its move to AWS has been the proven ability to scale up capacity when required. Seaco’s critical billing run time was slashed by 75%, significantly improving this business critical process while providing a solid platform for growth. The migration also helps Seaco to make significant annual cost savings.

Eamonn O’Neill, Director at Lemongrass, said “At Lemongrass, we believe in using technology to bring real agility to SAP customers. We are always on the look out for abilities to help companies do what they need to do faster, quicker, better. With this migration, we have proved that the SAP on AWS offering is no longer in the future, but is something for now and open for all enterprises.”

Seaco Global CIO, Carlos Galiano, added “At Seaco, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our operations and be responsive to our customers’ demands.  Moving our entire IT Landscape to the secure AWS cloud has significantly improved our ability to respond to business requirements.  Our performance of SAP on AWS is off the scale, we will be able to provision infrastructure for projects much more quickly and cheaply.  This is without question a very successful transition.”

Lemongrass and Seaco will be presenting on this programme at the AWS Summit in London on April 15th (

About Seaco

Domciled in Barbados with significant offices in Singapore and elsewhere around the world, Seaco Global has one of the world’s largest Sea Container Fleets.  Seaco provides a diversified high specification fleet to supply all of its customers’ needs.

About Lemongrass

Lemongrass Consulting helps SAP centric organisations transform the workplace through mobile and cloud.  Based in the UK and serving countries across Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific, Lemongrass has developed a set of methods and tools aimed specifically at helping customer successfully take advantage of Cloud and Mobile to bring true agility to the SAP user

Lemongrass will host a stand in the exhibitor hall of the AWS Summit 2015, and will be involved in 2 of the presentations.

Seaco VPC Design:  At 1:00 PM, Lemongrass will present on the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) implementation for Seaco.  This will discuss the design concepts adopted, and the rationale behind them, to ensure that Seaco could give agile control of access to their geographically distributed internal team, as well as 3rd party companies in remote locations.

Seaco, SAP on AWS:  At 3:05 PM Seaco will present in the main auditorium on their Cloud Migration programme.  Seaco migrated all of their SAP Landscape, including DR and Production, to AWS, as well as migrating all of their non-SAP systems.  In this session, Brendan O’Neill from Seaco, will explain the challenges overcome with AWS and the benefits they have accrued.

Exhibitor Hall:  Lemongrass will be in stand S24.  Why not drop by and Lemongrass can explain in more detail how to leverage AWS to reduce your cost of running SAP, while dramatically improving the agility in your SAP Landscape, just as Seaco were able to?  Lemongrass can help you create a cost model for your landscape and understand how to calculate the ROI of AWS.