ScaleGrid DigitalOcean Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis™ Now Available

MySQL and PostgreSQL are the top two open source relational databases in the world, and Redis is the top key-value database. These databases are a natural fit for the developer market that has gravitated towards DigitalOcean since its launch just nine years ago in 2011. The open source model is not only popular with the developer market, but also enterprise companies looking to modernize their infrastructure and reduce spend. DigitalOcean instance costs are also over 28% less expensive than AWS, and over 26% less than Azure, providing significant savings for companies who are struggling in this global climate.

ScaleGrid’s MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis™ solutions on DigitalOcean are competitively priced starting at just $15/GB, the same as DigitalOcean’s Managed Database solution, but offer on average 30% more storage for the same price. Additionally, ScaleGrid offers several competitive advantages such as full superuser access, custom master-slave configurations, and advanced slow query analysis and monitoring capabilities through their sophisticated platform. To compare more features, check out their ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean MySQLScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean PostgreSQL and ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean Redis™ pages.

This new ScaleGrid DigitalOcean service also shows significant performance improvements over DigitalOcean Managed Databases, with an average 68% higher throughput for write-intensive workloads and 94% higher throughput for balanced workloads. You can see a detailed breakdown of this performance benchmark in their Comparing PostgreSQL DigitalOcean Performance & Pricing: ScaleGrid vs. DigitalOcean Managed Databases post.

“We’ve seen a significant uptick in developers and teams looking to move their workloads to DigitalOcean over the past few months,” says Dharshan Rangegowda, ScaleGrid Founder and CEO. “In order to meet this increased demand, we are excited to offer our full featured DBaaS on DigitalOcean – our platform is architected from the ground up to leverage high performance SSD disks providing considerable performance advantages over existing platforms for the same price.”

ScaleGrid’s advanced performance and broader feature set make it a compelling alternative for developers looking to run their database infrastructure on DigitalOcean. They also offer current DigitalOcean customers the opportunity to get 50% off for up to 6 months.