The Save A Child app-based paediatric telemedicine programme enables a global network of paediatric specialists to provide remote support for local clinicians with immediate effect, which is critical for saving children’s lives in besieged or remote areas. Save A Child has partnered with the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS) and the European Association of Paediatric Surgeons (UEPSA) who launched an appeal for their members to support doctors in Ukraine and over 100 paediatric surgeons joined the network overnight. They now have 250 specialists in every sub specialty from across the globe.




The concept for the app was first tested in 2018 during a mission to help victims of ISIS in Northern Iraq. Sally Becker who has been helping children in areas of conflict since 1993 connected doctors with a team of paediatric specialists who provided remote consultations for hundreds of sick and injured children.


Sally said By making the app available to doctors in Ukraine we can increase their paediatric capacity by giving them direct access to hundreds of paediatric specialists ready to assist remotely. We are also taking our impact one step further by arranging life saving treatment for sick and injured children through our global paediatric network. All our work is voluntary and we rely on donations from the public to help fund us. If you would like to learn more or make a donation please visit


“In the last two years many of us have been immobilised by COVID. Together with our network of paediatric specialists and local physicians, this app has given us the virtual mobility to bring medical expertise to children where it is needed most”


Evelyn Peng Ong-Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Paedi atric HPB & Transplant Surgeon, Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


“I joined the Save a Child network in the Autumn of 2021 and since then have witnessed first hand how effectively they have helped many children in Afghanistan and Iraq”.


Hadi Mohsenibod -Paediatric Critical Care Specialist, Canada


“It is an honour to support the Save a Child-Global Paediatric network. The use of technology and modern communications to enable doctors struggling under the toughest circumstances to call on paediatric expertise can help to save the lives of many sick and injured children.”


Prof. Andrew Bush – Professor of Paediatrics and Head of Section, Imperial College London.


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Images –

Front Line Medic Mosul

Sally Becker in Northern Iraq 2018