Santikos Entertainment Reveals New Brand and Mission to Put Social Enterprise at its Forefront

Santikos, as part of the estate of the late John L. Santikos, was gifted to the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation in 2015, marking it as the largest single charitable donation in the history of San Antonio and one of the largest in the United States that year. Santikos Entertainment now exists for the sole benefit of the communities in which it operates. The dollars spent on movie tickets and amenities are funneled back into the local community in the form of donations, sponsorships, grants and programming that educate, cure, support and otherwise enhance lives of the citizens that support Santikos Entertainment.

“We want the public to understand that we all have a stake in creating a vibrant and prosperous community. You can see a movie anywhere, but every time you see a movie at Santikos you become a vital part of our charitable legacy because the money you spend on tickets, drinks or snacks goes back to organizations that improve our society,” says David M. Holmes, Santikos Enterprises president and CEO. “All movies have a beginning and an end, but when you see a movie at Santikos, the end of the movie is just the beginning.”

In conjunction with this launch, Santikos has redefined its mission to “provide unparalleled entertainment that creates a lasting benefit in our communities.” Ad campaigns will launch this month to start the public education of the company’s new mission and purpose.

The company’s new tagline, Be a Part of the Legacy, will be a consistent reminder of the company’s vision and also serves as an invitation to the community to be a part of the mission through its patronage of the Santikos Entertainment venues.

The new logo mark is a deliberate move away from the traditional film reel imagery of the company’s past, instead using search lights to evoke excitement in the context of a more diverse entertainment complex. The new Santikos venues are true entertainment destinations, with varied amenities such as bowling lanes, full bars and dining services. For several existing locations, Santikos Entertainment soon will announce major renovations to incorporate many of these new amenities and the latest in technology. By changing “theatres” to “entertainment” in the naming, Santikos Entertainment reinforces the future direction of the business as much more than a movie theater.

About Santikos Entertainment

Santikos Entertainment is the only theater group to operate as a social enterprise for the sole benefit of the communities in which it operates. Since 1911, Santikos has created unique experiences with large format screens, cutting-edge audio and visual technology, and ground-breaking amenities for the cinema industry, like bowling and full service in-theater dining. Now organized under the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation, the company operates 10 theater and entertainment venues in San Antonio and Houston. The newest location, the Casa Blanca, opening in 2016 in the Alamo Ranch community in the northwest sector of San Antonio, will feature 16 screens, in-theater dining, full bar service and 16 lanes of bowling.


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