Samsonite’s B-Lite Fresh™ Takes To The Air Samsonite Releases First Online Game


The B-Lite Fresh game is available to play and download until 10am January 2nd 2012, via Facebook and the Apple download store the game can be spread and shared with ease.            Launched in early 2011, the B-Lite Fresh™ collection from Samsonite features Samsonite’s lightest softside suitcase to date (the smallest cabin sized case upright 50 is only 1,9kg, lighter than a 2 litre bottle of water). The B-Lite Fresh Game enables consumers to experience this lightness for themselves, with the opportunity to win their own B-Lite Fresh. About the Game: Objective: To throw the suitcases as far as possible across the airport tarmac. Method: 1. Players receive three suitcases (two regular and 1 B-Lite Fresh), final scores are calculated on the accumulated distance of the three throws As a lighter suitcase the B-Lite Fresh will automatically fly further than the two regular suitcases. 2. The player throws a case by determining the angle and force of the throw by catching and directing a red arrow – the suitcase will follow the trajectory accordingly. 3. Objects, on the landing strip can both help and hinder throw, such as flying birds, vehicles, crates and airplanes which increase the level of difficulty. Hitting an object has different possible outcomes for the suitcase: it can accelerate and extend the flight of the suitcase (the suitcase bounces off the object) or it can stop the trajectory of the suitcase. 4. The airplanes offer a third possible outcome as a suitcase can fly directly into the aircraft hold area. When this happens, the player earns a Bonus B-Lite Fresh suitcase to throw. 5. For each throw, the player gets one “boost”. Tapping the screen during the flight of the suitcase gives the suitcase a boost in an upward direction, extending the flight trajectory. Winning Prizes: The game is open to facebook and iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users across the world, players* in the countries listed below are also eligible for entrance into a prize drawer. United Kingdom (excl. Isle of Man & Channel Islands), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France (excl. Corsica, overseas departments, regions and collectivities), Belgium, The Netherlands (excl. Isles), Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Spain (excl. The Balearics & The Canary Islands), Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Poland. Following their game, users are invited to add their score to the Leaderboard (via Facebook connect). Until January 2nd the top five ranking players** at 10:00 CET Monday, will receive a B-Lite Fresh Spinner 55/20 in the colour of their choice. Downloading the Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Game: The Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Game, will be available worldwide from July 25th, to play and download the Samsonite B-Lite Fresh Game, please visit: Facebook : iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad:, searching for the app “B-Lite Fresh”. Via the Samsonite homepage homepage Note: A PDF of this release is available here. Please click on images for print-quality pictures. For more information please call or email: SIAN PARRY NEVILLE MCCARTHY ASSOCIATES Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 2900 Email: SIAN@NEVILLEMCCARTHY.COM NOTES TO EDITORS: *Employees (and their immediate family members) of the Organizers, their subsidiaries and affiliates; or any persons assisting with the competition are not eligible for entry. **Entrants must complete registration providing their official e-mail address and country to be eligible Launched in 2010, Cubelite™ joins a host of other exceptionally strong and light hardside ranges such as Cosmolite™, made of the exclusive Curv® material. Cosmolite is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award ‘Best of the Best 2010’ proving that the ‘future is light’. HISTORY: Samsonite was created in 1910 by entrepreneurial Colorado native Jesse Shwayder, and was first called the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company. Shwayder quickly recognised the financial opportunities in the growing luggage market due to the ‘Gold Rush’, which saw more and more people traveling from coast to coast to seek their fortunes. With a longstanding history of breakthroughs in luggage development the brand has always been a leader in polypropylene suitcases and continues to develop a wide range of polycarbonate products. A market leader renowned for innovation in luggage solutions, Samsonite launched its revolutionary Cosmolite range in 2008, featuring the ground breaking Curv material. In 2011 Samsonite will introduce the B-Lite™ Fresh, its lightest ever softside suitcase. FIRSTS: Samsonite is renowned for a number of ground breaking innovations. These include the 1969 launch of the first Samsonite polypropylene case named Saturn® with injection-moulded shells. This revolutionary design later became the most widely accepted way to produce modern hardside luggage. In 1974 the first Samsonite suitcase on wheels named Silhouette® was introduced. Then in 2008, Samsonite launched their lightest and strongest award-winning luggage range, Cosmolite, made famous for its innovative Curv material. : Samsonite offers its customers hundreds of product lines in 55 countries in EMEA and in over 120 countries across the world. (markets to also insert local Samsonite URL) © 2011 Samsonite IP Holdings S.àr.l. Samsonite is a registered trademark of Samsonite IP Holdings S.àr.l. Curv is a registered trademark of Propex Operating Company, LLC