Sales & Marketing Veteran Natalie Kurz Gets Promoted to Advisory Board Member at fortuite



Natalie was previously Executive VP – Marketing at fortuite and has now assumed the role of Chief Operations Officer for Unternehmertag AG. It is a prestigious annual networking event that brings together nearly 600 international top of the league business, financial, political, and scientific individuals in a relaxed and exclusive setting. Previously, Natalie has led major projects and events for notable brands like Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts and Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. 


In her new role at fortuite as Advisory Board Member, Branding, Natalie will guide the team on the company’s brand strategy including but not limited to brand image, persona, and values. She was leading the Brand Book creation and optimization as fortuite’s Executive VP – Marketing.  


“I am honored, humbled, and incredibly excited to turn over this new chapter in my professional life. I deeply believe in the fortuite idea of empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to personalize their social gatherings. Hence, I am happy to be a part of this company that serves a greater purpose and of bringing its idea to fruition,” Natalie said. “Further, as a true hospitality enthusiast, I am beyond thrilled to take up a key and unique role at the Unternehmertag AG.” 


Jean-Claude Artonne, co-founder at fortuite, said, “Natalie is an outstanding professional with a sharp eye and an entrepreneurial mindset. Her skills in strategic thinking, organization, brand aesthetic, and team management are truly impressive and an asset for any organization. I am glad that she will stay connected with fortuite and often serve as the guidepost we need for our brand strategy.” 


The fortuite brand is marked by its strong values of humanity – to bring people together in safe and carefully crafted settings and ultimately help them feel less lonely, and integrity – to go beyond solely physical matchmaking and use AI to match people’s sensorial and behavioral characteristics so they can form meaningful and long-lasting connections – be it friends, business partners or even the love of their life, without having to compromise on their personal data.  


About fortuite™

Fortuite™ is an Emotional AI-powered, real-life socialization platform in the sharing economy. Born in the meticulous Swiss environment and driving commercial operations from New York, U.S.A, fortuite is a global fast-growing start-up in the blossoming field of matchmaking and socialization Apps. Fortuite’s dual benefits include bringing people of all age groups from virtual to real in carefully crafted and safe gatherings of up to 50 individuals, according to their preferences, interests, and budget, and offering job and business opportunities to its professional users such as DJs, bartenders and event venues. This is made possible with fortuite’s patent-pending logistic and matchmaking AI technologies.


For more information, visit https://fortuite.com


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